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Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd's pregnant sister R KyleLynn poses in leather lingerie for raunchy photo

TEEN Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd's pregnant sister R KyleLynn posed in leather lingerie for a raunchy photo.

In May, the mom-to-be announced she was expecting her second child, another son, this fall.

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Alaiyo Waistbeads' Instagram account shared snaps of R KyleLynn wearing leather lingerie and then a black bra and panties set, accessorizing both with waistbeads.

They captioned the pics: "How’s it started vs. How it’s going.

"This is also a post about where to place your waistbeads should you be intending to conceive a child in the months immediately following being tired.

"Placement would be as low as possible on the hips so that the strands can easily and comfortably move upwards on your growing belly."

R KyleLynn also recently shared one of the pics captioned: "It truly feels like this pregnancy is going by so fast! I can’t believe I’m already in my 3rd trimester.

"Nowadays, I have a clear head, feel lifted, and extremely loved. I’ve had to learn to give myself more grace + slow down, be patient with myself as I’m still a full time mommy to Baaz, do more for myself, & it’s been very rewarding."

In July, R KyleLynn revealed she "has never been in a relationship" with her baby daddy.

A follower asked R: "What is your relationship with your son's father?"

R shared a snap from her son Baaz's second birthday and replied: "We co-parent. Not in a relationship nor have we ever been in one."

In another post, she shared a pregnancy snap as another follower asked: "Do both boys have the same father?"

R shared: "Yesss! My boys have the same father. There's no mystery man in my life y'all."

Earlier this month, R revealed that she is about 19 weeks pregnant and showed off her bare baby bump.

She danced in the short vid as she showed off her baby bump. 

The colorful GIF stated: "Baby Size Mango."

The Teen Mom star rubbed her hands all over baby bump before turning off the camera.

In her emotional Mother's Day post, the reality star dedicated her note to Baaz and announced she was expecting a baby boy in the fall. 

The mom-to-be again wrote in her lengthy post: "Happy Mother’s Day to Me! I love me and will continue to do things that feed my spirit and soul so I can be the sound, supportive and loving mother, friend, person I need to be for myself & my little ones.

"Thank you Baaz Arinze for choosing me to be your Mommy. You make me so proud kiddo and you’re only 2!"

R's younger sister, Cheyenne, 28, welcomed her second child, Ace Terrel, with her fiancé Zach Davis back in May.

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