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Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd breaks down in tears & sobs the gunman ‘stole her children’s innocence’ after scary shooting | The Sun

TEEN Mom fans have gotten a glimpse at Cheyenne Floyd's struggle to cope after a shooting that nearly killed her and her family.

The reality star was in the car with her fiancé Zach Davis and two children when a gunman opened fire on them.

During Tuesday's brand new episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, fans watched as Cheyenne tried to cope in the aftermath of the scary incident.

After reaching out to Maci Bookout, who has also struggled with gun-related trauma, Cheyenne and her family decided to visit a rage room.

They smashed all they could before sitting down for a candid conversation, which left the mom of two in tears.

The MTV star confessed that she was having a hard time with respect to her children after the shooting, specifically her older child Ryder, whom she feared may be struggling more than she let on.

Through tears, she admitted: "I get that we’ll be fine, but it’s just hard because of the kids. With Ryder, it’s like her innocence was taken. This stole everything that I feel like I’ve worked towards.

"It just feels like this girl just keeps getting the s**t end of the stick and it’s her life, it’s my life and as her parent am I doing everything I can to protect her?"

Then, in a tear-filled confessional, she reflected on being in the car at the time of the shooting.

She recalled: "When I look at what happened to us, I could hear Ace crying. I could hear him. I knew that even if something had happened to him he was alive but I couldn’t hear Ryder and it just kills me that I couldn’t hear her."

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Cheyenne continued: "I just needed her to just say something – just say something – but she wouldn’t say anything and I cannot get that out of my head. You might have taken her innocence that day and you might have changed me but that little girl is my life and I refuse to let anyone take that from me."

During the episode, she also delved further into her feelings post-shooting.

She said: "I think it’s just, like, unfair. I feel like I say that all the time but it’s like how else can I explain it? And it just affects everybody. It’s not just us."

As for her personal struggles, she confessed: "Even after all the school shootings, it’s like I couldn’t even bring [Ryder] to school. I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t feel comfortable going to the store. I don’t go to the mall. I feel like, I’m just over it."


Cheyenne and Zach previously talked about the shooting during the premiere of The Next Chapter.

Fans knew prior to the episode that the mom of two had to undergo surgery for a health issue, but she didn't share any further details. 

Cheyenne confessed: “From the outside, my life looks perfect but to be honest I haven’t been transparent about what’s really going on."

She then appeared before the camera with Zach by her side, preparing for a somber moment as they shared the troubling details of the shooting they were involved in. 

Her baby daddy kicked things off, sharing with viewers: “We woke up. Ryder had an appointment at the doctor. Ace had his first checkup. We were just riding with music playing like normal car day and Chey looks at me, and she goes, 'what is that?' and there was a green beam on my face."

Cheyenne then jumped in, adding: "When I saw the green beam on Zach’s face, I looked past it. I was just in complete and utter shock."

Zach then spoke directly to viewers again, recalling: "I looked at who was holding the gun and it was somebody we both knew. Not only is it just we know him, he’s been here at Chey’s house. There’s pictures with him and all the sudden we just start hearing shots."

He added: "He hit the car 13 times and we crashed into the back of a Prius. Pried my door open and it was the worst feeling in the world."

The mom of two then began getting emotional, holding back tears as she said: "It is a miracle that we are still here and God literally covered us that day because every cop who was there said that they do not understand how we’re all alive."

The reality star added: "And hearing it over and over and over again I just wanted them all to stop saying it because I had to pinch myself to make sure that I understood that I was alive."


After the episode aired, Zach responded to fan rumors that he was at fault.

In a since-deleted rant, he denied accusations that he had anything to do with the shooting, or that it was linked to the fact that he has "a past."

He wrote: "The fact that I had to address this is beyond me. It keeps coming to my attention that there is a lot being said about the incident we were involved in. So let's get some things straight."

The reality star went on: "It happened. A lot of crimes go down in LA that do not make the news. Chey and I would never make up this dramatic of a story for ratings, it's taken us a year to even be able to talk publicly about what we have been going through."

The father of one added: "This was a senseless act and living in LA it is not uncommon. Stop the narrative that this was our friend or justify what we went through because I have a past.

"This has zero connection. This is still an active case which is why we can't give details. At this point, offer prayers, support and leave you judgment out."

In another slide, he wrote: "This is LA everyday! If you think it's a cup of sweet tea out here it's not. It's a GTA lobby. Stay safe everybody!"

Zach eventually deleted the post, which also included several photos of the car they were driving when they were shot at.

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