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Teen Mom Bristol Palin’s ex’s wife Sunny Johnston says she’s ‘confused’ by star’s ‘shade’ in fight over Tripp’s health

TEEN Mom alum Bristol Palin's ex-fiance Levin Johnston's new wife Sunny said she's 'confused' by the reality star's 'shade' against her in recent days.

The feud started when Sunny, 28, posted a photo of Bristol and Levi's son Tripp, 11, in the hospital this week.

Similarly to Bristol on Wednesday, Sunny took to Instagram Stories to answer some of her fans' questions on Thursday morning when one fan asked her how she dealt with "Bristol's shade on her Instagram."

"I've been sent screenshots and I've been asked this a lot," the 28-year-old mother of three began.

"It's confusing because I was told updating friends about how he is doing wasn't the problem.

"I'm not getting into the medical side of things (for his privacy).

"But Levi, 30, and I cared for him through 97% of him being SO sick and it was so serious and scary."

She finished it off: "Just happy he's doing better now. That's ALL that matters to us!"

Soon after, another one of her followers then asked if she struggled with her role as a stepmom.

"Oh yes! You can be the best communicator, the easiest forgiver, the most patient and understanding, love your stepchildren like your own, only step in when asked, respect all boundaries and still not be good enough," the mother of three said.

"(I know a lot of people that love the step parents involved with their kids and I think that's amazing though!)"

Just yesterday, Bristol, 29, shaded Sunny for "disrespecting" her son Tripp by posting a photo of him in the hospital.

When asked about her son's most recent trip to the hospital after Sunny shared a picture, the daughter of famed politician Sarah Palin said: "I saw an article about that … it honestly bothers me that Tripp's privacy couldn't be respected – but I've seen a hundred comments on this, so I'll clear it up.

"He had a really high fever (104s-105s) and felt terrible while on his summer visit with his dad.

"He was admitted in the hospital, so I flew to Alaska to take care of him (as any mother would do).

"He tested negative for COVID, flu, meningitis, etc etc – I think he just needed his mama!

"He is fine now and ready to be home."

The Teen Mom star also thanked her sister Piper – not her ex or his wife- for being there for her nephew while she traveled from Texas to Alaska.

Just a few days ago, Tripp was admitted into the hospital, as they feared he had meningitis.

In the photo shared by his stepmom, Tripp was lying down in a hospital bed and holding his dad's hand.

Sunny later wrote on her Instagram Story: "He was sick for days and was just getting worse, after taking him into the ER and running every test you can think of, he was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

"His dad, mom and I and our families have been pushing him along to his recovery. He is doing much better now!"

She ended: "Thank you all for the prayers and well-wishes. It was so scary for us all!"

A source told The Sun Tripp is now out of the hospital and will remain with his father in Alaska.

Bristol – who was just 18 at the time – and Levi welcomed their son, Tripp, in 2008 after much controversy due to her mother being a candidate for Vice President of the United States.

The couple was then on and off again over the next two years, before ending things for good in 2010.

Levi is now married to Sunny, with whom he shares three daughters.

On the other hand, the Teen Mom OG star is now dating Texan Zach Powers, though she intends to keep the relationship private.

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