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Teen Mom Briana DeJesus insists her mom did NOT use the N-word on show and says she's 'the furthest thing from racist'

TEEN Mom star Briana DeJesus affirmed her mom did NOT use the N-word on the show.

The mom-of-two insisted her mom is "the furthest thing from racist."

Briana told Champion Daily her mom, Roxanne: “never, ever use that word in relation to Devoin or anyone else."

She went on to say her mom “is the farthest thing from racist that there is in the world…”

“Calling for her to be fired from the show because of using a word she did not use is downright ridiculous. If she did use the word- which, again, she 100% did not- I could understand people being offended.”

In the interview, Briana also called for the release of the show's raw footage saying: “it will be to prove that we are not lying and trying to cover this up.

"We are completely taking charge of the situation and wanted to address it as we want people to know my Mom absolutely did not and would not ever say this word.”

She concluded her remarks by sharing: “Happy, blessed new year and look forward to continuing to share our journey with all of you next year.”

On Teen Mom, viewers thought Roxanne said the N-word when she and Briana discovered that Devoin leaked her private number online.

In the scene, Briana says: "It's got to stop. I'm not going to allow it to happen."

Roxanne replies: "I'm going to say something. What he did today… exposing your number to the public. That's shady, he did that to be spiteful. But that's illegal what he did."

She goes on: "Next they'll be knocking on our f***ing door because this [bleep] went and gave out your information."

Fans trying to read Roxanne's lips believe this is when she made the racist slur, and MTV bleeped it out.

Devoin also recently claimed Briana might be racist in his latest dig amid their ongoing feud over child support.

He shares a nine-year-old daughter, Nova, with Briana, and she is also mom tothree-year-old daughter, Stella.

Davoin wrote on Instagram: "I'm starting to think this bih don't like black men. You racist or sum?"

Briana replied: "I really don't appreciate being called racist. 1) I love people of all color 2) I have children of color ) I myself have color in my DNA."

She continued: "Just because I do not like you as a person doesn't mean you can yap at the mouth and make false accusations. I don't need my 9-year-old mixed daughter reading this on social media and think I hate people of color.

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