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Taylor Swift ridiculed for London Boy song as locals insist it describes day out from HELL

POP star Taylor Swift has been ridiculed over the lyrics of her London Boy song by locals who insist it describes the day out from hell.

The 29-year-old singer released her new album Lover this week – and it's got everyone talking.

Not only do some fans believe they spotted a cheeky reference to Towie's Gemma Collins, others have mocked her romantic idea about the city.

In an open love letter to her British boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Taylor sings about walking around in Camden Market in the afternoon, going to Highgate to meet his best mates and nights out in Brixton.

But some fans questioned whether she had actually experienced what she was belting out – because the journey would never be described as the perfect day out.

One moaned: "It’s harmless and tbh I’ve heard a lot worse BUT… No one, and I’m sure of this, not one person who has been there enjoys 'walking Camden Market in the afternoon'."

Another added: "Taylor Swift's "London Boy' is super-nice, but the idea of doing Shoreditch in the afternoon, Brixton in the evening and then back to Highgate is giving me major London Underground anxiety #TaylorSwift #Lover."

Someone remarked: "Frankly I’m disappointed that she only ventures South Of The River once.

"And who other than stag / hen parties ever goes out in the West End these days?"

Taylor Swift's London day out

1: I enjoy walking Camden Market in the afternoon
2: Took me back to Highgate, met all of his best mates
3: Stories from uni and the West End
4: I enjoy nights in Brixton
5: Shoreditch in the afternoon
6: Please show me Hackney
7: Up on Bond Street
8: On the Heath
9: Walking Soho in the afternoon

Another claimed: "#TaylorSwift #LondonBoy walking around & drinking soho in the afternoon does not sound like she’s experienced Arts or frankly had many real London experiences."

Someone else said: "Nope, not having it. No way has #taylorswift been to Shoreditch and Hackney as stated in #LondonBoy."

A fan laughed: "I reckon @taylorswift13 had a proper Richard Curtis film binge the night before she wrote #LondonBoy! Love Actually, Four Weddings, Bridget Jones, Notting Hill the lot! We’ve all been there! #TaylorSwift #London."

While another cruelly joked: "Can’t wait until #TaylorSwift breaks up with the #LondonBoy and we get a diss track about all the s**t parts."

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