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Sunday Brunch fans switch off as they slam rude Amir Khan for remarks

Simon Rimmer warns Amir Khan about criticising the food

Amir Khan was among the guests sampling Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer’s cooking on the latest Sunday Brunch.

However, as the dishes kept coming, Amir had a few complaints about each, which he voiced the Channel 4 presenters.

Fellow guest Mike Birbiglia even jokingly asked if the point was to “criticise the food” in response to Amir’s remarks.

While Tim and Simon laughed his comments off, some viewers weren’t happy with the former boxer’s complaints and took to social media to call him “rude”.

Others blasted the show in general with some “switching off”.

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Twitter user @FlopsyPickle shared: “Amir was so, so rude #SundayBrunch.”

Another remarked: “Tim looks like he’s in pain listening to Amir. #SundayBrunch.”

@Jimbo1921_2019 penned: “Already turned it off. Too much noise #SundayBrunch.”

@iluvbatfink asked: “Is everyone shouting on here today or am I just in a mood! #SundayBrunch.”

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@Itt39354118 echoed this, adding: “Any need to shout? #SundayBrunch.”

“Sunday brunch has had its day,” @derek_springall posted.

However, some found Amir’s honesty funny as they praised his feedback.

@Itt39354118 wrote: “Amir saying how it is #sundaybrunch,” along with laughing emojis.

At one point while cooking, Simon Rimmer explained: “As Amir said, if they were deep fried they’d be crispier.

“And you can probably go a little thinner on them as well.” 

“And this sauce,” Amir cut in, “You can probably put  a bit of mint in this as well, can’t you?”

“You absolutely could,” Simon replied before Amir went on: “I’m not lying, I think it’d be a bit better if you put mint in it.”

“I’m new to the show… do we criticise the food or do we say the food’s good? I don’t get it,” Mike stated.

“If you have any ideas on what to change…” Amir added.

“I think treat it in the way that the more you criticise my food, the harder your interview might be – just saying,” Simon hit back.

Sunday Brunch airs weekly at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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