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Sunday Brunch face backlash as viewers slam Harry Hill cooking segment: ‘Waste of food!’

Harry Hill creates a "no bake" dessert on Sunday brunch

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Sunday Brunch host Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer were joined by Harry Hill, Joss Stone, Gregory Porter, Lolita Chakrabarti and Glenn Hoddle on Sunday morning. As Simon Rimmer began to cook a dish for the guests, they brought up Harry Hill to create his “no-bake” dessert, however, it left viewers angry after he was slammed for “wasting” food.

As Harry joined the guests at the cooking stations, Tim asked: “So what are we doing today, I’m joining in with you.”

Harry explained: “What we are going to do today is, particularly with this whole COP thing, baking is using a lot of energy.

“So, I have a recipe for a cake that you don’t need to bake, so what you need is an old hat, something like a trilby.

“Any kids watching, go and get dads trilby, so what we do is we line the trilby with butter,” he began with Joss Stone in shock, asking: “No, you’re not going to bake a cake in a hat?”

Ignoring her question, Harry continued: “You’re going to line the inside because you don’t want the cake to stick to the trilby.

“What we do is get the cake bars, mini rolls you can buy these pretty much standard in any supermarket, and you just line the inside of the trilby,” he showcased.

Harry then proceeded to fill the hat with mini rolls, rice Krispies and then covered them in chocolate spread.

To set the “cake”, he flipped the hat upside down and compacted it all together before revealing his masterpiece.

“We just ease the hat off, and there we are, given a bit more time, there is your non-baking cake,” he revealed.

While the satirical segment was meant for comedic effect, many of the viewers were annoyed by the waste of food and took to Twitter to express their anger.

@Greg_Phillips_ wrote: “I can’t stand people deliberately wasting food. Harry Hill is a t**t, completely unnecessary and not even remotely funny #sundaybrunch.”

@Rowley68 added: “Families relying on food banks watch this #SundayBrunch.”

@FarleysRusk commented: “Big fan of the show and @HarryHill #SundayBrunch, but what a silly thing to do with food in the hat esp when talking about waste @SundayBrunchC4.”

@Gratiaetlacomus said: “Harry Hill being incredibly unfunny and wasting s**t loads of food in the process! #SundayBrunch.”

@MattieSaunders tweeted: “Sunday Brunch used to be so good, the stupidity is so tiring now.”

Simon Rimmer has recently opened up about the dispute he and co-star Tim Lovejoy have whilst presenting the show together.

While talking to the Hairy Bikers, Simon discuss his friendship with Tim and said: “We don’t take each other seriously, but we take what we do seriously.

“The thing is, in the 15 years we’ve worked together, we’ve never had a serious falling out.

“Sometimes he might say something live, and I’ll think, I really didn’t want my family to know that.

Sunday Brunch airs Sunday’s from 9:30am on Channel 4.
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