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Strictly Come Dancing star Katya Jones’s 'real' name after partner Adam Peaty reveals it to fans

STRICTLY star Adam Peaty revealed dance partner Katya Jones' 'real' name during a gruelling practice session.

The Russian pro, 32, was putting the Olympic swimmer, 26, through his paces in the studio when she asked him: "What's my name, Adam?"

Right on cue, he shouted: "Katushka"

Smiling at the camera, she then said: "That's damn right."

The 2017 Glitterball champ's birth name is actually Ekaterina Andreevna Sokolova.

She changed her surname after marrying fellow show professional Neil Jones in 2013. The couple split six years later.

Katya hammered the gym today as she continues to get fit for Strictly's first round next month.

Working up a sweat in stylish black gym gear, Katya pushed a weight sled across the gym and joked: "That's what it feels like dancing with Adam Peaty."

Competitive Adam is used to winning and admitted he might struggle with criticism from the judges.

He recently said: "I can take criticism but if I think it was a good dance, I've put my heart and soul into it, hours and hours of training and a lot of hard work then if someone says it's a three or a four then I'm not going to be happy am I."

But he added: "That's the game, that's what I've got myself in for I guess.

"I know it's going to be very hard and very different.

"Once the training starts I'll work hard, very hard.

"I've won pretty much every competition I've gone into.

"Going into this is very different. I have no idea what to expect.

"I rely on my humour and a smile in the face of adversity. Strictly will be similar to the Olympics in terms of work ethic.

"I also don't take life too seriously. As long as the sun rises I've got another opportunity to laugh.

"Whatever my pro dancer says, I'll do. I'll trust her with my life."

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