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Stranger Things' Nancy actress claims younger co-stars are 'oversexualised' and urges fans to 'leave them alone'

STRANGER Things’ actress Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler in the Netflix series, claims her younger co-stars are “oversexualised” and urges fans to “leave them alone”. 

In a recent interview, the star reflected on teenage sexuality being "funny and beautiful and awkward and embarrassing”. 

The actress is currently promoting her new movie ‘Yes, God, Yes’, in which she plays an innocent Catholic girl who discovers masturbation after a saucy AOL chat. 

However, when it comes to the sexualisation of her Stranger Things co-stars the actress made her feelings very clear. 

Speaking to The Independent, she said: “There are so many layers going on here. 

“I generally feel like, to me, it’s oversexualising them. I feel protective over the younger kids even though they’re not kids anymore, they’re teens.

"They’re all great people and all having to grow up in very crazy circumstances. As a private person, I just feel like, leave people alone – unless you’re talking about their work or what they want to talk about."

Speaking broadly about the sexualisation of young actors, she reflected that it is "a cultural issue". 

“It’s a very tricky and complex issue,” she said.

“There must be a bigger concept behind it as to why. Just let people be the people that they are, without any judgement.”

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