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Stranger Things Is Coming Out with a $199 Lego Set and Yes, It Features the Upside Down

While Stranger Things fans wait until the show’s highly anticipated third season drops on Netflix on July 4, they can fill their time by reacting the adventures of the heroes of Hawkins in an insanely elaborate Lego set on June 1.

The 2,200-piece Lego set allows builders to reconstruct the Byers’ residence and — unfortunately for the Lego version of Will Byers — the Upside Down version of it as well, creepy vines and all. So, Byers beware!

With 11 bags worth of pieces, the $199 set includes all of your favorite Stranger Things characters: Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers and Chief Jim Hopper.

It also includes the fearsome villain from the hit Netflix show’s first season, the Demogorgon.

The lego set is super detailed as well, and in addition to including a light-up alphabet, it will also feature a couch, a coffee table, a telephone, an axe, a “Have You Seen Me?” flyer and, of course, a bear trap to catch the dimension-hopping Demogorgon.

On top of all of these elements that faithfully recreate the show’s iconic set, Lego also included some small nods and references to the series: a drawing of “Will the Wise” (AKA Will Byers’ Dungeons and Dragons character), Dustin’s walkie-talkie and compass and Eleven’s favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner option: a waffle.

Stranger Things recently dropped its latest trailer for its forthcoming third season on March 20.

Set in the summer of 1985, our now-teenage protagonists are enjoying their time off from school by hitting up classic Eighties hangout spots like the newly built Starcourt Mall, the pool and the county fair.

However, in addition to their fun in the sun, the gang also has to go up against an all-new, terrifying monster — shown in the last few moments of the trailer.

While wrapping filming for the show’s third season in November 2018, Millie Bobby Brown got emotional.

Posting a series of Instagram Stories, Brown, 15, wrote to costar Sadie Sink “I can’t say good-bye” and to Noah Schnapp “this is not okay.”

While this caused some speculation over the show potentially ending after its third season, David Harbour, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper, said in an interview in November that he felt the series would at least go on for one more season.

“I think we’re either going to season 4 or season 5. It’s still being debated,” Harbour, 43, told CNET. “This was something that I discussed with the Duffer brothers right from day one. I know, somewhat, Hopper’s place in that story because the more you can know about the end of your story, the more you can set up … Stranger Things has an arc to it that I understand. I feel very proud of that because we’re not going to get lost in our story and leave these strands. We’re going to tie things up.”

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