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Stephen's shock next move revealed in dark Coronation Street murder plot

As Elaine (Paula Wilcox) excitedly prepares for her wedding to Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) in Coronation Street, it seems something much more sinister is afoot.

After their original plan to get married in Vegas went awry, thanks to Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) kidnapping his own mother, Elaine was eager to get things back on track, despite Audrey’s (Sue Nicholls) hesitations.

She willingly handed over her passport to local villain and hubby-to-be Stephen so that he could rebook, before heading to make amends with son Tim.

However, one tipsy chat with Audrey later and Elaine soon came to realise that marrying Stephen in Vegas wasn’t what she really wanted.

She rushed over to the factory to inform him of her changed outlook, asking instead if they could get married closer to home, surrounded by family.

Stephen agreed, promising to do anything for the love of his life, and thrilled Elaine rushed off to break the news to Audrey.

However, it soon became clear that Stephen had lied when he said that the page has timed out when he had tried to book their tickets to Vegas, and he wasn’t booking them at all.

Instead, he had taken out a life insurance policy for Elaine, meaning that, should she die, he would get a big pay out.

Viewers will be more than aware by now that Stephen is Corrie’s current serial killer, having already claimed three lives.

His list of misdeeds is longer than his arm, but it seems that Elaine remains absolutely smitten.

Is she putting herself in danger by marrying him?

‘I think as far as she is concerned, there is nothing but excitement about moving to the next stage of the relationship.’ Actress Paula Wilcox revealed.

‘She is really looking forward to having him to herself, and being alone with Stephen.

‘But of course the more she is on her own with him the more time he has got to get his plans off the ground. It is going to be a very interesting time.

‘Hopefully she has people watching out for her because she is completely unaware of what she is taking on.’

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