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Stacey Solomon chased by boyfriend Joe Swash who threatens to put his WILLY on her nose after prank

STACEY Solomon was chased by boyfriend Joe Swash who threatened to put his willy on her nose after she pranked him.

The Loose Women panellist, 30, used an Instagram filter to put a long floppy nose on the actor's face while he was sleeping, but he didn't see the funny side.

Joe, 38, was completely knocked out and Stacey recorded him snoring heavily.

She took her chance to play the perfect prank as she found a filter with a nose akin to the size of Pinocchio and put it on her boyfriend.

Stacey was in hysterics as she lay next to him and even tried the filter on herself.

She captioned the clip: "Omg I can't cope, He's going to kill me but this floppy nose filter is giving me life."

Soon Joe awoke from his slumber and realised he was the butt of Stacey's joke, which saw him chase after her.

The singer managed to get away and hid behind a door, but Joe still tried to force his way through.

Thinking Stacey had put a penis on his face instead of a floppy nose, he exclaimed: "I'm gonna put my willy on your nose, come on, how would you like it, let me put my willy on your nose."

Stunned by his response, Stacey replied: "Oh my gosh you can't actually do that!"

It seems like Joe may have reached the end of his tether as the pair rowed after she posted an unflattering video of him snoring on Instagram just yesterday.

Joe snored happily away in bed, not knowing Stacey and her followers were winding him up online.

However, Stacey ended up getting a right telling off in the car as they made their way to a boot sale.

While driving the car, Joe said: "You know what, right. I'm going to do a video of you snoring. Because your snoring is probably double the volume of me snoring. Honestly, you walk around this place like your poo don't smell."

Stacey then joked: "It does smell… of roses."

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