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Spoilers: Keanu reveals the truth to save Jack from Phil in EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was fuming in EastEnders when he discovered that Sharon’s (Letitia Dean) baby isn’t his, and — having put two and two together and evidently come up with the wrong answer — he set about seeking murderous revenge on Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) in tonight’s episode.

With a new grandchild in Peggy and a baby of his own on the way, Phil was on cloud nine. However, everything came tumbling down for the Mitchell hard-man when he realised that there was some truth in what Lisa (Lucy Benjamin) was saying, which meant that Sharon’s child isn’t his after all.

After Mel’s (Tamzin Outhwaite) death, Sharon was incredibly supportive towards ex-fiancé Jack, and thus Phil jumped the gun — ahem, in a matter of a speaking — as he believed that the copper was, in fact, the father of Sharon’s baby.

Ben (Max Bowden) made his dad promise that he’d leave it for him to sort, but last night’s episode came to an end with Phil showing off a gun — something which clearly indicated that he was unwilling to let this go.

During tonight’s episode, Phil did his best to get Ben out of dodge. Meanwhile, Jack found himself being kidnapped and loaded into the back of a van, before being taken to The Arches.

Phil severely beat Jack up, and left him bruised in the pit. Afterwards, he attempted to set him on fire, but Ben — who’d figured out what Phil was up to and thus acquired Keanu’s (Danny Walters) help — arrived in the nick of time to prevent him from doing so.

As Ben tried to talk Phil round, Keanu rescued Jack from the pit. Eventually, Phil saw sense, and agreed to put down the match.

However, he tied Jack to a chair and proceeded to interrogate him, before taking hold of the firearm — much to Ben’s dismay — and pointing it at Jack’s head.

As Phil revealed his reasons for wanting Jack dead, Keanu’s face dropped — knowing that it’s he who technically should be on the receiving end of Phil’s rage.

Nonetheless, it’s Jack in the firing line — quite literally — so will the copper die as a result of Phil having jumped to wrong conclusion?

Or will Keanu reveal the truth in an attempt to save Jack?

It’s certainly a possibility, and given that the whole truth is set to out in spectacular fashion over the festive period, the events of the next couple of episodes could very well prove instrumental in it doing so.

Keanu’s got a good heart, but he knows what Phil’s capable of — so he’ll no doubt be conflicted — but will he end up saving Jack’s life?

EastEnders continues Thursday 19th December at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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