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Spoilers: Emmerdale star reveals Vinny's choice between Mandy and Paul

Vinny (Bradley Johnson) has found himself torn between Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) and Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) in Emmerdale, but the conflict will reach new heights next week.

Vinny was horrified when Paul revealed that he was his biological father, and that he’d shown up in the village in an effort to get to know him.

With Mandy having previously informed him of what Paul was like, Vinny was naturally apprehensive of his father, but ultimately he gave him a chance, and the two have attempted to build a relationship.

Speaking about this developing bond between the two characters, actor Bradley Johnson — who portrays Vinny on the ITV soap — said: ‘Paul came into village under false pretences and lied about his identity, which didn’t start them off too great — being lied to by his dad — but he came out and explained why he did what he did.

‘I feel like Vinny is happy to have a father figure in his life now. Things are going good and he sees a mate in Paul.’

In spite of Vinny and Paul getting on rather well, Mandy has had her doubts about Paul’s motives, as she knows better than most what he’s capable of.

Therefore, her resistance in building a relationship with her ex has resulted in conflict arising not only between she and Paul, but also between she and Vinny.

Bradley continued: ‘I think he’s a bit annoyed. He’s got this friendship with Paul now, and maybe Mandy is a little bit jealous.

‘Mandy still doesn’t trust Paul, which is quite understandable — he hasn’t been there for 18 years of his life. He rocks up as a different man, and she’s been quite open with Vinny about his past, about how he hasn’t been the best of people to be around.’

‘From the moment he came back into the village, Mandy has had a soft spot for Paul. She has to stop herself, because she’s thinking about Vinny, as she’s said numerous times that she doesn’t want to hurt Vinny, because obviously Paul left all them years ago, and she doesn’t want to break her son’s heart by having his dad leave again.’

More conflict ensues this week when — after money goes missing from David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) charity donations — Mandy accuses Paul, and Vinny is horrfied as a result.

Bradley said: ‘Paul’s had a past with gambling, so Mandy’s a little bit wary. The money goes missing and Mandy points the finger at Paul, and Vinny’s a little upset by this, as he genuinely thinks his dad has turned a corner and come back as a changed man — and she’s just blurted to the whole village about his past! 

‘I think Vinny is a little bit embarrassed, as he knows all this stuff with his dad is true, but he thinks he’s turned a corner, and he’s annoyed with his mum for embarrassing his dad in front of the whole village, really. 

‘Vinny wants to believe he’s turned a corner, but of course, there is something lingering in the back of his mind. I feel like he trusts Paul maybe about 70 percent, but there’s still like 30 percent where he knows what he’s capable of — because obviously Mandy has told him — but he wants to believe he’s a changed person and is back with the right intentions. 

‘Paul’s saying how he wants to make amends with Mandy, but Mandy is talking bad about Paul behind his back, so I feel like he feels like he’s in the middle of both of them, and yet all he wants for them to do is get back together, and have a happy family. But he’s struck between them, and doesn’t want to upset either party.

‘Vinny knows that even though Mandy is not his biological mum, she stood by him from the day his father left him an brought him up. Put food on the table. I think he would choose Mandy a hundred percent.

‘Even though Paul has rocked up and they’re getting on, Mandy has been there for him since day one and never left his side.’

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