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Scared of the Dark star tells co-stars she cheekily hid a torch in her vagina

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    Channel 4's Scared of the Dark star Donna Preston pranked her co-stars by telling them she had a secret torch.

    After spending hours and hours in the pitch black, the celebrity contestants began to lose their minds on the show.

    On Monday's show (April 17), actress Donna excited her fellow co-stars after pranking them with a "hidden torch".

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    In a chat with Love Island star Chloe Burrows, boxer Nicola Adams and TV presenter Scarlet Moffatt, Donna joked with the girls about having a source of light.

    When they asked where had put it, she told her new pals it was "in her vagina".

    The girls burst out laughing and soon realised she was joking with them.

    She added to the comical scene by cheekily asking "Who wants to get it out?"

    Also starring on the show is former boxer Chris Eubank, who broke down on the show about the death of his son.

    Chris lost his son Sebastian, who was 29, in 2021.

    He passed away from a heart attack whilst swimming in the sea in Dubai.

    On Sunday's episode (April 17), comedian Chris McCausland asked Chris about his loss, prompting him to open up.

    Chris sobbed: "It’s always going to be recent.

    “[Sebastian] was everything. He was me. Poet, philosopher, lover, protector, a man of love. He was me. Things he did, he was magnificent. My son was, is, an inspiration and will always be an inspiration.

    “Your son…. they never leave you, ever. They are always with you. Always. My son Sebastian is much more than I could ever explain to you.

    “The tragedy of losing a son who’s 29, imagine crying that hard, and then months later being grateful that you cried that hard for your son. It wasn’t one tear, it was an ocean."


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