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Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Kandi Burruss gives daughter Riley $66,000 a YEAR penthouse apartment

REAL Housewives of Atlanta's Kandi Burruss has given her 16-year-old daughter a $66,000 a YEAR penthouse in New York City.

The 43-year-old star revealed that she will be splashing out $5,547 a month on the teen's apartment on last night's episode of the reality show.

Riley had used her famous mum's connections to land herself an intern job in a city law firm, with it being agreed that she needs a place to live close by.

However, Kandi decided that only the best would do for her little girl, sourcing a two-bedroom penthouse complete with a huge rooftop sundeck and jaw-dropping views of the famous New York skyline.

Admitting that her daughter is "living the life", Kandi said that she encouraged Riley to spend summers alone in London and Stanford University over the years to make her more independent.

She explained: "I have been kind of grooming Riley to be away from me."

Visiting the apartment before Riley moved in with husband Todd Tucker, their three-year-old son Ace, and Todd's 23-year-old daughter Kaela, the star recognised her daughter's privilege.

Todd commented: "16, got a Porsche, high-rise apartment in the city."

Riley further highlighted her status when she was left confused by ice cube trays in her freezer, confessing that she thought every freezer had "ice makers".

She also struggled to understand why she would have to clean up after herself as she is used to having somebody clean rooms for her.

Riley left her parents stunned when she later asked if she would get a "tipping allowance" in addition to the house, tipping the apartment block's doorman with Kandi's money instead.

Her half-sister Kaela sniped: "You're lucky you get an allowance, I've never had an allowance in my life."

When Riley asked how she got money, Kaela explained that she worked in the summer.

Kandi later considered: "Todd is definitely more strict than me.

"Todd is like: 'You're not supposed to have these things at this age', whereas me, I'm like: 'As long as you're doing good in school, then you can have it'."


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