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'Project Power' Directors to Helm 'Nemesis', a Revamped Film Adaptation of Mark Millar's Comic

Way back in 2009, before comic book writer Mark Millar had even completed his comic, Nemesis, he was talking about its movie potential. The story, which boils down to “what if, instead of becoming a superhero, a genius billionaire embraced anarchy and became the world’s worst supervillain?”, unquestionably had a hell of a hook, and Hollywood spent years trying to adapt it into a film, with directors like Sam Raimi, Guy Ritchie, Tony Scott, and Joe Carnahan potentially directing at various points and actors like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp‘s names being bandied about as possible stars.

The comic was published ten years ago, and a Nemesis movie has yet to materialize. But Warner Bros. has just hired the guys behind Netflix’s Project Power as the new Nemesis directors, so the movie isn’t dead yet.

Collider reports that Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, the filmmakers behind Catfish, several of the Paranormal Activity sequels, Nerve, Viral, and Netflix’s Project Power, have been tapped as the latest directors to try their hand at bringing Nemesis to the big screen. According to Collider, “the story is said to follow a genius engineer who witnesses the President of the United States commit a deadly crime and teams up with a vigilante to take down the President and his corrupt government.”

The original Nemesis comic does involve the president, but the villain at the center of the story kidnaps the Commander in Chief, hijacks Air Force One, and kills hundreds (and eventually tens of thousands) of innocent people in Washington, D.C. and at the Pentagon. This sounds like a starkly different story than what Millar originally cooked up for his comic – and he said as much in a tweet reacting to this news:

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