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Piers Morgan claims BBC are refusing to appear on GMB over licence fee scandal

Furious Piers Morgan has branded the BBC "pathetic" after claiming that they have refused to send a rep to appear on Good Morning Britain tomorrow over the licence fee controversy.

Earlier today, the GMB host vowed to pay for a veteran’s TV licence following the news he and millions of pensioners would be missing out on their free licence privilege.

The BBC announced plans that will see free TV licences for those aged over 75 be axed, meaning pensioners including veterans, excluding those who receive pension credit, will now have to pay.

Taking to Twitter today, Piers wrote: "UPDATE: The BBC is refusing to put anyone up on @GMB tomorrow to discuss the Corporation's scandalous licence fee pensioner decision.

"Britain's national taxpayer funded news organisation hiding from journalists. Pathetic."

Despite that he confirmed that they would still be debating, what he dubbed, the "BBC's shameful TV licence scandal" tomorrow.

He tweeted later: "On tomorrow’s @GMB, we have a veritable trifecta of huge names, @Tyson_Fury, @RobLowe & @didierdrogba + a huge debate over the BBC’s shameful TV licence scandal. All that & the latest idiocy from Love Island where the dimwits have already started being culled. See you from 6am."

This morning Piers and co-host Susanna Reid amped up their campaign against the plans, with viewers also sharing their disgust.

D-Day Veteran Thomas Cuthbert, 93, appeared on the show on Monday morning, and moved the team and viewers at home with his story.

Just a week on from the D-Day anniversary, where veterans like Thomas were praised and celebrated, many have been left with the news they will now have to pay for their TV licences.

Piers shared his outrage over the news, while Susanna herself was left moved by a viewer’s emotional plea for the BBC to change their minds.

Thomas’ daughter Carole then phoned in to speak with the hosts, to share her own thoughts on the move and how it might affect veterans like her father.

Piers vowed to help Thomas if he needed it, not wanting him to pay out for a licence after what he and veterans like him did for their country.

He told Carol: “You can tell him from me Carole, I will pay his TV licence for as long as he needs one, alright?

“Honestly, it’s making me so angry this, so tell him not to worry whatever happens.”

He added: “He moved us so much yesterday on this show, I’m not having him pay for a TV licence so you can take it from me I will pay for his licence."

Piers went on: “Millions of veterans now have to pay for a TV licence, many of whom can’t afford it, how has it come to this?”

Fans praised the hosts for their campaign, as Carole told them: “I’m just totally outraged with it, it’s just to all these veterans they depend on TV to see everything and as company.”

*Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV

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