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Peter Wright addresses All Creatures Great and Small struggles

All Creatures Great And Small trailer released by Channel 5

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The Yorkshire Vet Peter, worked with the real James Alfred Wight, commonly referred to as James Herriot, and talked about how the Channel 5 series All Creatures Great and Small reflects the real-life events perfectly. Speaking exclusively to, Peter compared the on-screen characters to the friends he knew. He said the cast do a great job and explained why it is “harder” for the stars of the current show than it was for the actors in the original 1970s programme.

The Yorkshire Vet has recently returned to screens for the 15th series, much to the delight of the show’s ever-growing fanbase.

Although he fronts the hit Channel 5 documentary, Peter’s early life is also reflected in All Creatures Great and Small.

Having found his love for veterinary work while working alongside Alf Wight, Peter knows better than anyone what the characters were like in real life.

Thankfully, he believes the real Alf would love the show, and Peter himself is looking forward to the new series.

“They do it so well with the characters that I grew up with – namely Alf Wight and [Donald] Sinclair,” who is depicted in the series as Siegfried Farnon, played by Samuel West.

“I think it’s very hard for them [the current cast],” Peter reflected.

“Because Robert Hardy (who starred as Siegfried Farnon in the 1970s series) spent time with them to learn their mannerisms.

“Whereas obviously Nick (Nicolas Ralph, who plays James Herriot) and Sam (West) haven’t had those opportunities.”

“But I think they’re fantastic, I think they portray the characters extremely well.

“Nick and Rachel [Shenton, Helen Alderson] do a brilliant job.”

Series three of All Creatures Great and Small is set to air next week, and fans are looking forward to seeing what the new instalments bring.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic,” Peter commented. “To me, it brings it home to me how old I’m getting now!”

An emotional trailer was release recently, showing the Yorkshire Dales setting of rolling hills and cobbled streets as the backdrop of James and Helen’s relationship as they enter the next level.

“We make a good team,” James tells his partner, while she can be heard saying: “What he means is he couldn’t do it without me.”

However, the clip hints toward a darker storyline approaching as the threat of war began to loom.

“How can I, in good conscience, watch those young lads go off to their training whilst I stay here?” James asks Helen.

Later, a tearful Helen states: “We can’t lose him.” With James debating whether to stop his work and join the war effort, it seems the war will have a big impact on their relationship.

“Everyone under this roof is in my care,” Siegfried tells her in response.

The teaser ends with a brief clip of Helen walking down the aisle to a nervous-looking James.

All Creatures Great and Small returns on Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5, while The Yorkshire Vet continues on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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