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Paul Whitehouse hits back over co-star Bob Mortimers appearance insult Truth hurts

Bob Mortimer says Paul Whitehouse is a 'walnut on a stick'

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Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer spend a lot of time together for their BBC Two series Gone Fishing and appearing on The One Show together, they were asked about their friendship. The two clearly have a good time as Paul jokingly jibed at Bob when it was revealed what he’d written about his friend in his new memoir.

Host Angellica Bell began: “So Bob writes, Paul is the best company you could wish for. Hilarious at times and caring and tolerant when needs be.”

“Yep,” Paul replied. “Yep, that’s all you need to know.”

The host continued: “But for balance, he also writes about meeting you for the first time.

“He writes, ‘He was very good-looking back then and not the walnut on a stick see now.’”

“The truth hurts doesn’t it,” Paul laughed. “I’ve come to terms with it.”

Bob told his co-star: “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a nut, it’s a nobel fruit.”

Speaking of Bob’s new books, Ronan remarked: “Gone Fishing of course features heavily in your new book And Away… which is what you two say when you release a fish back into the wild right?

“And it’s a memoir – you use heart surgery which you had back in 2015 to frame the whole book…is that right?”

“Yeah, I do, it’s just that I do quite a lot of appearances on a show called Would I Lie to You and I tell these little stories from my youth and from my life and people seem to enjoy them so I thought,” Bob replied.

Angellica cut in: “They don’t enjoy them, they love them!”

“Oh well I thought I’d tell I’d tell some more and yes, I use the heart surgery just to give it a..,” Bob answered.

Paul chipped in: “What, you mean it’s not the truth?”

“Some parts of the book I offer up the reader to decide which is true and which isn’t true of the stories and it’s just those little tales from throughout my life which people seem to enjoy,” Bob explained.

The pair recently spoke about bringing their series Gone Fishing to an end, admitting it would be difficult to predict how much longer it will continue.

Speaking to Radio Times, Bob explained: “It’s always difficult with these things.

“It’s judging if it’s overstayed its welcome, and I don’t think you can assess that until the series has finished.

“There will be something in the air that tells us, ‘That’s enough.’”

He continued: “But I hope there’s another one. I would be happy to do it forever.

“We just have to judge at what point the public don’t want to join us.”

The One Show airs weeknights on BBC One at 7pm while Gone Fishing airs Sunday on BBC Two at 8pm.

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