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Our Yorkshire Farm’s Clive Owen gives rare health update ‘Nobody told me’

Our Yorkshire Farm: The Owens return in Channel 5 trailer

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Our Yorkshire Farm will soon return to Channel 5 with a brand new series of the farming documentary. The Owen family will be back giving viewers an insight into living and working at Ravenseat Farm. In an upcoming episode in the new series, fans will see husband and wife duo Clive and Amanda Owen battle harsh winter weather. Clive will also open up about his health and how it impacts his farming work.

Our Yorkshire Farm returns on Tuesday, October 5 with a new series following the day to day lives of the Owen family.

In a teaser clip released by Channel 5, fans of the show see Amanda and Clive struggle to find their flock of sheep following heavy snowfall.

Footage showed their 2,000-acre farm drenched in snow after wintery weather struck Yorkshire overnight.

The dramatic snowfall had made it incredibly difficult for the farmers to find any sign of tracks from their sheep.

“No sign of any sheep,” Clive said, while searching a field covered in a blanket of snow.

“Do you think they’re buried?” Amanda questioned, concerned for her flock.

However, Clive replied: “No. No, I don’t think they’re underneath.”

As a result of the thick snowfall, the farmers were unable to use any of their vehicles and instead had to search for their sheep on foot.

Noticing her husband having a tough time, Amanda remarked: “It’s hard going isn’t it? I think you’re in a bog actually.”

“I am.” Clive agreed as he struggled to walk through the snow-covered farmland.

“It’s going to be minus seven tonight so it’ll freeze it,” Amanda added.

Clive said: “Yeah, we might need Ryan to come on his bike tomorrow. Maybe, you never know.”

“I think we need to ask Ruben to make you some snow shoes,” the Yorkshire Shepherdess remarked.

Her husband laughed, pointing out that he was having a particularly difficult time in the snow as a result of his recent hip replacement.

“My new hip didn’t bargain for this. Nobody told us about this,” he joked.

In previous episodes of the show, viewers saw some of the couple’s children take on extra responsibilities on the farm after Clive had hip replacement surgery.

While Clive recovered, Amanda and their nine children pulled together to keep the farm running as usual.

Viewers will be able to see the family back on Channel 5 again when Our Yorkshire Farm returns with its fifth series this month.

Upon hearing the show would be returning, fans quickly took to Twitter to share their excitement.

“Can’t wait… so excited for Tuesday!” Jane Stewart wrote.

Joan Haire added: “Thank you… at last you are coming back on our screens… missed you all up at Ravenseat X.”

Our Yorkshire Farm series five airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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