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Okay, I Need to Understand How the Season 2 Schedule for 'The Circle' Works

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m actually pumped for the newest season of The Circle. Premiering just a year ago (although it feels like three), the show is bringing a new set of contestants to compete through a specially-made social media platform for the $100,000 cash prize. Don’t be shocked if there will be more flirting, alliance building, and fights this season—it is a Netflix reality show, after all. That should be reason enough to add it to your queues, stat.

But before you immediately begin watching, you might notice something important: Not all the episodes are available to stream. We hear you—it is a bit odd. But Netflix has a good reason for it: the show is essentially following the footsteps of its British predecessor, already a massive hit in the U.K. On that version, contestants are subjected to a Big Brother-style show, being watched on a 24/7 basis for three weeks. Every day, something else happens with the cast and its challenges, but once a week, the show airs one live episode. Now it makes sense why U.K. audiences get so invested in it!

But the U.S. version needs to be different, right? As The Circle creator Tim Harcourt told last year, the U.S. version of the show films over the course of 16 days, even knowing it’s not going to air until a few months down the road. “The way we make it in the U.K. is we edit everyday and put out a new episode every night,” he told the mag. “We’re basically trying to replicate the rhythm of making the show.”

So it’s the same, but also a bit different. Therefore Netflix found the perfect solution: drop three episodes at a time over the course of a month. That way, we all can get into the show at our own pace, while also still having the luxury of bingeing what’s going to be your new fave reality show.

Here’s the schedule all set up for you. Mark your calendars and social media accounts, because it’s bound to be quite a ride.

The Circle‘s Season 2 Premiere Schedule

Week 1

Premiere Date: April 14

Episodes 1-4

Week 2

Premiere Date: April 21

Episodes 5-8

Week 3

Premiere Date: April 28

Episodes 9-12

Week 4

Premiere Date: May 5

Season 2 Finale Episode

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