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NCIS Los Angeles fans outraged as key cast members ‘missing’

NCIS: Los Angeles' Caleb Castille goes behind-the-scenes on set

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Season 14 of NCIS Los Angeles has already had to deal with a number of questions regarding its main cast, particularly when Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) was missing from the action prior to its midseason hiatus. In the latest instalment following on from CBS’ record-breaking NCISverse crossover, fans were quick to voice their disappointment again when a number of the show’s core cast failed to appear in the team’s latest case.

Best Seller welcomed back a number of familiar characters from years gone by including Sabatino (Erik Palladino) and DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton (Bill Goldberg).

There was also a welcome stint on-screen for the show’s resident stunt performer David Paul Olsen, who took on the role of Tom Olsen. 

However, there was no sign of Callen (Chris O’Donnell), Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) or Sam (LL Cool J) who were only mentioned in the show’s credits.

While the likes of Fatima (Medalion Rahimi) and Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) got to work in finding the armed gang hunting down Olsen – who happened to be a friend of Sam’s – fans couldn’t help but share their disappointment at the fact that key members of the OSP weren’t involved.

Taking to Twitter during the instalment, Joni Lane fumed: “Does anyone in power read the comments about the show this season? 

“The new format of dismantling the team STINKS! You’ve liked the show,” they added.

Elsewhere, Sharon Sugas questioned: “Where is everyone? So much of the cast has been missing this season. Why? I don’t like it.”

This was echoed by @JayAre70 who defeatedly pointed out: “And half the cast is missing again – no Callen, no Sam, no Deeks.”

And @wannaseeireland concurred: “Don’t really think I’m loving this new ‘format’ for #NCISLA where three of the four main characters are missing from an episode.”

Twitter user @new_marcelle agreed: “I don’t like this new format either. When Sam, Callen, Deeks &/or Kensi r missing, the show just doesn’t have the same feel 2 it. 

“These 4 chars. are definitely missed when not on. Occasionally, I can understand but EVERY episode…it’s getting really old fast. #NCISLA.”

And @Kitty_LaFierce also suggested: “Do the other NCIS shows have this budget issue, or is it just LA?

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“I’d rather they fire the newbies or cut the ep order rather than having cast members randomly disappear to be replaced by guest stars. #ncisla.” (sic)

While fans were quick to voice their disappointment over the latest shift to its cast, there was another reason for fans to feel hard done by.

That’s because following Best Seller, NCIS LA won’t return for another episode for the rest of January.

In fact, CBS is still yet to confirm when episode 12 of season 14 will air thanks to a shift in its Sunday schedules moving forward.

Instead, Sunday, January 22 will air a rerun of the season 13 instalment, Live Free or Die Standing.

While January 28 will see NCIS LA back on screens but with a repeat of season 13’s Work & Family, according to The Futon Critic.

February 5 could therefore seem a likely option but with the Super Bowl airing the following Sunday, it could be that CBS waits until February 19 in order to air a solid run of episodes.

For now, fans will have to sit tight to see when exactly NCIS LA will be back and whether the show’s core cast will be back on screens.

NCIS Los Angeles season 14 returns to CBS in February in the USA. Season 14 premieres on Sunday, January 22 on Sky Max and NOW in the UK.

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