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‘NCIS’ Fans Hate the Idea of Bishop and Torres Together

Will Bishop and Torres ever get together? Some NCISfans are hoping it doesn’t happen. Although some fans are shipping Bishop andTorres, others are completely opposed to the idea of them getting together. Onefan on Reddit asked NCIS viewers ifthey thought Bishop and Torres should become an item. Some said yes, but thosewho weren’t thrilled with the idea expressed strong opposition to the pairing. Here’s why some viewers hate the idea ofBishop and Torres getting together.

Torres isn’t a favorite among some fans

Torres isn’t well liked. One fan saidshe doesn’t like Torres, so she doesn’t want to see him and Bishop as an item.The viewer said she used to like Bishop but isn’t as much of a fan since she lefther role as a data analyst. This viewer would rather see Bishop and Torres getsent over to the NCIS Los Angeles offices. “I never liked the Torres character.I liked the Bishop character when she was a data analyzing savant, but nowshe’s a generic female agent. I say ship them both over to NCIS LA.”

Other viewers think a relationship between team members would be a disaster

Although NCIS:Los Angeles has seen success with the pairing of Kensiand Deeks, some viewers don’t think this would work for NCIS. In fact, some think a relationshipbetween NCIS team members would end in disaster. “No, relationships killeverything,” said one fan on the Reddit thread. Another chimed in, saying, “Absolutelynot.” We can see how a relationship between these two characters could getmessy. For example, if they had an argument, that could impact their work. Itcan be hard to focus when personal issues are on your mind. Just look at what’shappening with Gibbs andhis declining work performance.

Another NCIS fansaid a relationship between Bishop and Torres would benefit the show, but shedidn’t explain how. Someone else responded, asking, “How could a relationshipbetween these two possibly benefit NCIS?”Apparently, he wasn’t convinced. We don’t see how it would help, either.

When will NCIS‘ Bishop and Torres start dating?

As of this writing, that remains a mystery. The show has been hinting at a possible romance for some time, but nothing has happened so far. There are some super fans who really want Bishop and Torres to happen, but there are those who aren’t loving the idea of them starting a romantic relationship. We have a feeling the writers will side with the Bishop-Torres haters.

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