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Modern Love on Amazon cast: Who is in the cast of Modern Love?

Modern Love begins streaming today (Friday, October 18) on Amazon as a new romantic anthology series. Created by David Carney and based on real-life essays published in The New York Times (NYT), the series features an all-star cast across its episodes. From Andrew Scott to Anne Hathaway, here’s everything you need to know about the characters they play.

Lexi – Anne Hathaway

Which episode? Episode 3

Oscar-winning actor Anne Hathaway stars as the lead character of Lexi in the episode entitled Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am.

She plays a bipolar woman in the short exploration of her difficulties with sharing her illness with others.

Ahead of series launching, spoke exclusively to Daniel Jones, the editor of Modern Love at the NYT and a consulting producer on the series, about the cast.

He said: “It was such a shot of energy. When the cast started getting assembled, and that was truly a sort of dream wish list.”

One actor in particular he was excited for was Anne Hathaway who joined very early.

He added: “I was stunned when she signed on right away. And a lot of their first choices for some of these roles, people signed on right away and it was just a real vote of confidence in the project.

“It made them feel less like television episodes than little movies and some of the star power contributes to that too.”

Sarah – Tina Fey

Which episode? Episode 4

In Rallying to Keep the Game Alive, Sarah is played by comedian and 30 Rock creator Tina Fey.

The episode, directed by Sharon Horgan, follows a difficult period for the character with her husband Dennis (John Slattery).

Jones described: “[Her episode] is just charming from start to finish and so funny and well acted.

“It shows a surprising side of Tina Fey, as really carrying emotional weight that I don’t think I’ve seen from her in other things she’s done.”

Maggie – Cristin Milioti

Which episode? Episode 1

When the Doorman is Your Main Man is all about a young woman named Maggie and her touching relationship with her doorman.

Maggie is played by actor Cristin Milioti in the opening episode, who is best known for appearing on How I Met Your Mother and Black Mirror.

Jones added: “That [the episode] was the one that surprised me the most in how much I liked it.

“And so much of it was the performance of Cristin Milioti – it was just so charming.”

Tobin – Andrew Scott

Which episode? Episode 6

Fleabag star Andrew Scott is Tobin who along with his husband Andy (Brandon Kyle Goodman), is planning to have a child with a homeless woman called Karla (Olivia Cooke) as the surrogate.

The episode is based on the NTY essay DJ’s Homeless Mommy but has been renamed Hers Was a World of One for the show.

Scott recently received rave reviews as the Hot Priest in Fleabag, as well as being known for playing Jim Moriarty in Sherlock.

Joshua – Dev Patel

Which episode? Episode 2

Dev Patel is Joshua, who is the founder of a dating website and is being interviewed by a journalist.

His story is based on the essay When Cupid is a Prying Journalist, which was originally about Justin McLeod, the founder of Hinge.

Patel first came on to people’s radars in Slumdog Millionaire but has also appeared on television in Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom and Skins.

Julie – Catherine Keener

Which episode? Episode 2

Starring alongside Patel is Catherine Keener as Julie, a journalist who has been jaded by love.

She tells her story to Joshua of an old flame who broke her heart in Paris after he tells his own.

Keener is an Oscar-nominated actor who has starred in films like Capote, Being John Malkovich and Get Out.

Rob – John Gallagher Jr.

Which episode? Episode 5

John Gallagher Jr. is Rob in At the Hospital, an Interlude of Clarity.

His character finds himself in hospital on just his second date with Yasmine (Sofia Boutella) as the pair speak openly about their lives.

The all-star cast also features Gary Carr as Jeff, Laurentiu Possa as Guzmin and John Slattery as Dennis.

Gallagher Jr. also starred in The Newsroom alongside Patel as well as in films like 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

Modern Love is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, October 18.

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