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Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss celebrates 170 days of sobriety but needs new teeth after years of meth addiction – The Sun

SHAUN Weiss needs a new set of teeth after being left toothless following years of meth abuse.

The Mighty Ducks star's friend made the urgent appeal for dental work while revealing the actor has been sober for 170 days.

The former child actor, 41, checked into rehab for meth addiction in March, after getting arrested in January for breaking into a home while high on meth.

Shaun's pal Drew Gallagher set up a GoFundMe to aid Shaun's recovery and shared a snap of the actor looking much healthier.

The actor, who played Goldberg in Disney's hockey-themed Mighty Ducks films, wore a sleeveless tank and face mask in the photo and appeared to have put on weight.

Drew explained that Shaun's teeth have been destroyed after years of meth addiction and said he's in desperate need of dental work.

He wrote: "First lunch out in his new sober-living setup! We need to raise more months rent for this place, but look at how he’s thriving!

"This new chapter is a bit scary for him but he looks and feels better than ever!"

Shaun added: "Any dentist willing to help Weiss that’s our current biggest need. He has no teeth and it's an added discomfort I'm trying to alleviate."

Methamphetamine is an acidic drug which can wear down tooth enamel, leading to severe tooth decay. It can cause teeth to break or fall out.

Shaun's GoFundMe has raised more than $11,000 as of July 6, with an end goal of $25,000.

The actor finished his in-patient rehab stint in June and is now in a sober-living facility. He's been making steady progress and was pictured looking healthier in April.

Before his arrest, Shaun had reportedly been living in the streets.

Back in January, he allegedly broke into a man’s garage in Van Nuys, California and smashed his car windshield.

Marysville Police were sent to the address after reports of a burglary and when they arrived, found him ransacking the car.

He had been battling a meth addiction and once admitted unless he got help his "life was in imminent danger."

He was also arrested in December 2018 for shoplifting after he checked into a rehab facility.

In 2017, he was sentenced to 90 days in prison after he was caught just five days after being released from jail for stealing $151 of goods from an electrical store.

At the time he posted on Facebook that he felt his life had reached "below rock bottom”.



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