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Married At First Sight UK fans rage as show ruined by All4 technical issue

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Married At First Sight UK fans were left raging on Tuesday evening, as their daily dose of the show was 'ruined' by a technical issue.

Streaming service All4, which comprises channels including Channel 4 and E4 – which hosts MAFS UK – were all down as the programme prepared to air on Tuesday night.

The issue meant that viewers watching online were unable to tune into the wedding experiment programme, leaving them devastated.

Frustrated viewers turned to Twitter to vent their anger, with one writing: "Wanted to watch #MAFSUK with everyone else for once but All4 isn't working. Joy!"

Someone else echoed: "@Channel4 why isn't All4 working on my laptop? It's working on my phone!"

And another fan wailed: "@Channel4 why can't I access All4 plus via 4OD when logged in?!"

"Seriously though, why is Channel 4 literally the worst when it comes to streaming? All I want is to watch MAFS!" someone else followed up.

Fans trying to load the live TV section of the site were met with an error message which read: "There is currently a problem with this area of the site. Please try again in a few minutes."

However, some fans spotted a clever workaround – by heading straight to the programme page after searching for it on a search engine.

That allowed keen viewers to catch their nightly fix of the wedding experiment show – but not everyone knew about the life hack.

It came as fans were gearing up for yet another explosive dinner party – with Tayah announcing that she planned to be pregnant with Adam's baby by this time next year.

"Do you know what we've been talking about?" she teased the others. "This time next year I'll be pregnant."

Hubby Adam cried: "Don't drop that bombshell!"

The experts' jaws dropped at the admission, as they couldn't quite believe what they were hearing.

Adam insisted: "She's not pregnant, by the way!" as Tayah agreed: "I'm not yet pregnant, but this time next year I will be."

Adam interjected: "She's having visions of it."

Amy and Josh's rocky future, meanwhile, was also being teased ahead of the show by E4, as Luke unwittingly caused Amy to collapse in a flood of tears.

"I don't really know where his head's at, because I have come in here to find something lasting," Amy admitted.

"I just feel like we're on completely different paths."

Married At First Sight UK airs from 9pm Monday-Thursday on E4.

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