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Married At First Sight Australia: What happened to Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel?

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Married At First Sight Australia is being shown again on E4 and fans are being treated to season five. The quirky dating series sees a panel of experts match couples based on a number of tests before they have the chance to meet. Fans are keen to know what happened to Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel.

What happened to Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel from Married At First Sight Australia?

In the fifth season of the series 41-year-old Dean Wells was partnered with 36-year-old Tracey Jewel.

Wells, an executive creative director, was from Sydney whereas his wife-to-be, a marketing consultant, was from Perth.

The couple was whisked off on a honeymoon to Fiji, but they decided not to go through with the wedding and they are still separated.

Wells found himself in the spotlight after he said he was attracted to another contestant – Davina Rankin.

Rankin had already been paired with Ryan Gallagher, and fans felt sorry for him even though she chose to stay with him.

One fan said on Twitter: “I hope Davina isn’t hoping to launch an acting career off the back of this show, because she is not selling the words coming out of her mouth. #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia.”

Wells and Jewel took to the famous sofa to discuss the next step in their relationship and the latter was blindsided by Wells’s decision to leave.

She said the couple had been intimate the same morning and she did not understand what had happened between them.

Fans felt sorry for Jewel as the rules state if the wife decides to stay and the husband decides to leave, they must stay together for another week to work things out.

In the end, Jewel decided to end the relationship as she learned her husband had kissed co-star Rankin.

Things had become difficult for the pair after their wedding night when Jewel told Wells she had a daughter from a previous relationship.

Since leaving the show it was revealed the pair have made up and are now on talking terms.

Wells took part in a season of Dancing With The Stars and on the show he said: “I got some really nice messages from Tracey today. We still keep in touch. She is really supportive.”

Jewel ended up getting close to MAFS co-star Sean Thomsen, but things did not last and Jewel then began dating ex Patrick Kedemos.

The relationship went on for a few months before she started dating her current boyfriend Nathan Constable.

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Wells does not seem to be in a relationship at the moment, and he has instead been focussing on his TV career.

Jewel is on Instagram and she shared photos of herself from her MAFS wedding, with the message: “Thanks for all the love UK as our #mafs season five airs.

“It’s been a while since I’ve looked at these wedding photos but so many fond memories! It’s a privilege to share this crazy ride we call life with you all! @deanwells.”

There are also plenty of photos of herself with her current boyfriend, including one with the simple message: “Happiness”.

Wells is also on Instagram and he has posted many photos from his travels.

Jewel has recently praised the reality TV series for turning her life around.

When asked by Now To Love if she would be where she is today without the show, she said: “One hundred percent, no. I would still be chasing the bad boys.

“I realised that Dean was like the representation of all my ex-boyfriends, they were all alpha males with very strong personalities.”

Jewel had dated her current boyfriend in high school and they managed to rekindle their childhood romance. They ran into each other in a stationery shop in Perth.

Jewel has also praised Wells for supporting her after she suffered from mental health difficulties after a different break-up.

Married At First Sight Australia airs on E4

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