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Mama June says she is 'so full of gratitude' that she and boyfriend Geno 'have made it one year with no relapses'

MAMA June has shared her "gratitude" for accomplishing one year without drug use and has expressed interest in working in a rehab facility to help others.

The From Not To Hot star is celebrating a year sober with her boyfriend Geno Doak after the couple was arrested for possession of crack cocaine in 2019.

June Shannon, 41, shared the big news to her Instagram yesterday, as she showed genuine joy over making it 365 days without a relapse.

The mom of three posed back to back with Geno as the duo smiled proudly as they boasted their accomplishment.

The TLC star gushed: "As I sit here this afternoon I’m so full of gratitude one that we have made it one year with no relapses when so many of the people we know have due to this crazy pandemic going on.

"I think back 2 where we was 1 year to day at this time we had Started staying in our car staying at a truck stop in Jackson Ga n was just trying to figure out where we was going to be able to make money for our next high or even food and gas," she admitted.

The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star revealed her decision to get clean, adding: "well we didn’t get high that day n then The same night we reached out to our production team and said hey we’re ready to go to treatment the next day we were put up in a hotel for two days so things could get worked out for us to go to treatment.

"We honestly was kind of waiting on a payment to come through our account because we only had $1.75 in our account and we were thinking about gettin high one last time," Mama June disclosed, following the news that the couple had spent $150,000 in a six month period on their crack addiction.

"Well I guess it wasnt meant 2 b because we actually got on a plane February 1 and headed down to Banyan in Stuart then days after we were there the money had here so I guess that was gods way of showing us that it was meant to be for us to get clean.

"I’m so very thankful that that happened after Being in treatment for 23 days we decided at the last minute that we would stay here in South Florida," the ex-pageant mom added, though her move to Florida has been controversial to fans of the troubled family.

"On the 25th day we left Banyan in Stuart and jumped on a plane went to Atlanta spend the night got our car the next day drive back back to south Florida where we have made it our home for the past year," she continued.

June then communicated hope for helping others: "Now the goal is since we have hit a year and we have helped so many people get into recovery helped families that are struggling with someone that has an addiction to understand some of what may be going on in their mind.

"Just being able to listen to people during their journey it has been so rewarding for myself to listen and be able to connect with so many of y’all like I tell everybody I may not have all the answers but I’m here to listen it to u and not judge it," Honey Boo Boo's mother offered.

"Honestly has helped me so much in my recovery journey so now my goal is to work inside of a rehab facility to be able to watch people come in at their lowest where I was a year ago n blossom into new amazing person n know my inbox is always open #1yrclean #gratitude #rehabworks."

Mama June has faced controversy from fans as she has recovered from her addiction in Florida away from her 15-year-old daughter Alana Thompson, otherwise known as Honey Boo Boo.

The ex-pageant star has been living with her older sister Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon and will continue to be raised by the 21-year-old for the foreseeable future.

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