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MAFS UK's Adrian reveals co-star he will NEVER speak to after controversial bust-ups | The Sun

MARRIED At First Sight star Adrian Sanderson has revealed the co-star he will never speak to after an epic bust up.

The Manchester resident, 37, was a fan-favourite on the E4 series and made host of mates – including his "best friend" and now ex spouse, Thomas Hartley, 31.

Yet Adrian has now opened up on his Married At First Sight cohorts he certainly won't be making an effort with.

Fans may not be surprised to learn that Matt Murray is top of the list of people the stylish star can take or leave.

Speaking exclusively to Scott McGlynn's Celebrity Skin Talk podcast, host Scott said: "Is there anyone that you're thinking, 'fine for the show, but I don't need to see you'?"

Adrian frankly responded: "I feel like it's obvious – it's pretty obvious really who I wouldn't really be mates with.


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"Take Matt for instance – we are probably not going to be friends again.

"But saying that – you never know. Maybe he is my next husband!" before bursting into laughter.

He said: "I came out with some friends that I love, but there are others that I don't love and don't need to see again, I won't be making an effort to.

"But if I do, that's also fine, we all forgive, you move on.

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"You don't know what anyone has got going on for whatever reason."

Earlier in the chat, he added: "You meet people all the time and you're like this is OK, they are people you work with.

"It's a job for three months, that what it is.

"You cant be best friends with everyone and if you were, I would probably be questioning that."

During the final dinner party, the reality TV star was hailed "King Adrian" by many adoring fans on Twitter for his outburst towards Matt – and putting the relative newbie in his place.

Usually mild-mannered businessman Adrian, who fought hard to make his relationship with mental health worker Thomas, 31, succeed in the project, let loose in the dramatic scenes aired last week.

The Married At First Sight bunch – who were on their final stages of the matchmaking experiment – headed on their last ever dinner party.

The events had never been drama-free and this was no exception, and Adrian became irked when Matt and new partner Whitney commented on their relationship.

The new duo – who ruffled feathers when they were allowed back in the experiment after cheating on their original partners – flagged the lack of intimacy between the duo.

As they returned to the dinner table Adrian, dressed in a stylish baby blue bomber jacket, joined his spouse as they told their co-stars they would be leaving the experiment.

This promoted much signature scoffing and eye-rolling from Matt and Whitney.

Matt said: "Who the f**k do you think you are? You’re a f**king joke!" before Adrian left fans beaming with pride with his comeback.

He told the tattooed barber: "If there’s any person in this world who’s going to tell me I didn’t work my arse off at this marriage, it most certainly will not be someone who didn’t give his a day.

"My relationship has been on the table for everyone to see. If I was faking a relationship, it would have been a good one!"

This prompted Whitney to pipe up: "Who put 2p in his f**king box?!"

Adrian then turned his attention to her as he told her: "I have literally respected you so much throughout this all thing and you show me none… so actually, you're done!"

His spouse Thomas interjected: "I'm so done with this whole experiment!"

Adrian then leapt off his chair and shouted: "F**k off!” to Whitney, before leaving the table.

Fans were quick to take Adrian's side, with one taking to Twitter to remark: "Adrian is, without a doubt, the best person I’ve watched on TV a for a very long time. Absolutely L-O-V-E him #MAFSUK #MAFS."

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A second put: "Matt looking genuinely smug at the idea of Adrian feeling threatened/intimidated by him for being a bigger lad shows what a vile piece of work he is, if he speaks like that to a man in a public setting, I dread to think what he’s like with a partner in private #mafsuk #mafs."

A third then gushed: "And we thought we’d only get one King this year. The UK loves you Adrian #MAFSUK #MAFS."

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