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MAFS star Georges hints marriage to Peggy has ended after explosive reunion

Married At First Sight's Georges Berthonneau has dropped a hint that his marriage to Peggy Rose might be over.

Fans of the E4 show have watched the reality TV star's rollercoaster relationship with Peggy, and after a disastrous homestay episode in Kent, it seemed their marriage was on shaky ground.

Despite this, Peggy chose her love for Georges over her family's opinions in an emotional vow renewal ceremony. In Wednesday night's episode, 15 Nthey were one of the few couples still together from this year's experiment. However, a recent post from Georges suggests this may no longer be the case.

After the episode, Georges shared a video recapping the vow renewal and hinted there's more to come. He said: "Well wasn't that just beautiful, you guys have been left on probably the biggest cliffhanger, stay tuned, keep watching till the end of the series and who knows, maybe I do become single?"

His single status seemed to delight his fans, who were worried that Peggy, who was always trying to change him, came with major red flags. One fan posted: "'Wait to the end, maybe I do become single.' Well there you go! Georges is a free man!" Another chimed in with: "I hope Georges has dumped Peggy, she was trying to change him too much."

A third viewer added: "I watched that too and wasn't convinced, the linked arms were very lame, they looked awkward. Also it's 7 months since filming ended, they still don't live together, she's still at Munster Mansion' with Mummy and Daddy, Georges is still happy in his apartment gaming!

"They go on dates and have talked about moving in together after 7 months!? Who are they kidding!?"

Meanwhile, a fourth person commented: "Oh he def could tbf I thought he was single cos some of his posts seemed that way but I just hope he happy." The comments kept coming, with another saying: "Several months have passed since filming. Georges and Peggy could have gone their separate ways by now."

Another concern viewers had was that the couple hadn't been intimate yet. During a chat with friends Laura and Roz, they were asked about their intimate relationship. Peggy admitted that they hadn't yet been intimate, saying she was "waiting for the right person." This revelation shocked viewers, with many expressing their surprise on social media.

One fan declared: "They still haven't done it after all the time in the experiment + 6 weeks after #MAFSUK!!"

Another warned: "Peggy and Georges still not consummating their 'marriage' six weeks after the show because she's waiting for the "right person"…it's not looking good brev #MAFSU."

Others chimed in with comments like: "Peggy and Georges still not had sex??? What is going on?? Peggy actually doesn't fancy Georges," and "F***ing hell Peggy still holding out on putting out. Keep him controlled lol".

The reunion shows have been full of drama with 'banned' couple Luke Worley and Jay Howard back and screaming accusations of cheating between Jordan Gayle and his wife Erica Roberts.

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