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Love Island’s Montana Brown says she’s devastated and needs counselling after being trolled for ‘looking happy’ on Instagram after pal Mike Thalassitis’s death

LOVE Island's Montana Brown has revealed that she is struggling to cope with the online abuse she has received after the death of Mike Thalassitis.

The 26-year-old is due to start counselling to help deal with the trolling from fans on her social media accounts.

The reality star, who was extremely close to Mike, told The Sun Online that cruel trolls have been targeting her for looking 'happy' on Instagram after Mike's death.

Speaking at the launch of Georgia Harrison's new fitness range GHX, she said: “It’s been really difficult to be honest. It’s hard when you’re in the spotlight, because people see you happy on Instagram and they’re like why are you happy, are you not sad about Mike anymore?

“It’s been something that’s been really difficult; I’ve been getting quite a lot of hate about it which has been really, really upsetting.

“I was actually really close to Mike and I feel like just because I didn’t publicise it and take pictures of him every single time I saw him.

“It’s just a bit sad that I feel like I have to justify my friendship with him."

The stunning brunette who has just released a swimwear line added: "I’m looking to get some counselling, I’m on the mend."

Since the death of her friend from the villa, she has spent time with his family who she says are a strong family unit.

She said: "I saw his family on Sunday, do you know what, I don’t really know how they’re coping.

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“How can you cope when something so awful happens? But they’re a really strong family unit, they are amazing, they’re doing the best they can.”

Montana was extremely close to Mike and spoke at his funeral where she asked reality stars to be ‘kinder and more genuine’ to each other.

In her funeral speech she said: "The whole nation was shocked by this, and this isn't something you forget.

"I'm looking at everyone right here and asking you to change yourself, change how you live your life, change how you love your loved ones, and also change how you treat strangers.

"I can see a lot of reality faces in the room, please do not let this pass you by.

"It's so hard, the rejection, the competitiveness, the need to constantly look ok on social media.

"So let's learn from this. We're all in the same boat. We all go through the same stresses.

"Let's just be kinder, be nicer, more genuine, let's check in on each other, life's too short."

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