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Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard close to tears as he’s blasted as ‘ARROGANT’ and ‘in the shadows of brother AJ’ in devastating footage from Channel 4’s Celebrity Hunted

Unearthed footage of Love Island star Curtis Pritchard has come to light, where he was accused of “living in his brother AJ’s shadow” on Channel 4’s programme Celebrity Hunted.

Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard was on the run from a group of hunters in the popular challenge show, in an attempt to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer.

During the show, the hunters believed AJ might return to his family home – so decided to visit him mum, dad, and brother Curtis to question their involvement in his escape.

The awkward footage showed Curtis – who is now setting his sights on Amy Hart on the ITV match-making show – being savagely put down by the hunters to try and get him to reveal where AJ was hiding.

Upon arrival, Curtis teased the hunters: “Unfortunately you’re not good enough to have caught him yet.”

“You come across as very arrogant,” the hunter replied. “Very sure of yourself. Enjoying the moment.

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“You’re sitting here, with mummy, as opposed to being on the run. So it’s fair to say he’s the more successful out of the two of you?”

“Well no, I wouldn’t go that far,” Curtis responded, to which the hunter said: “He is more successful in terms of achievements, accolades, abilities. You’re the under-shadow.”

Curtis began to squirm and disagree, saying: “I’m proud…”

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“Let me finish,” the hunter piped in. “You’re in the shadows, so there must be a level of resentment? Of jealousy?”

While Curtis shook his head, the hunter said: “You’re following his path now though aren’t you? Trying to get onto Strictly?”

“I’m on Dancing with the Stars in Ireland, so…” Curtis bit back, causing the hunter to say: “I think that’s known as the poor man’s version. There’s no doubting it, is there.”

Curtis awkwardly cricked his neck from side to side, before the hunters exited.

A year later, and Curtis has since become a fan favourite on the ITV2 dating show, after appearing as a bombshell alongside Tommy Fury during episode two.

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