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Love Island shock as bombshell Aaron threatens to break up couple ahead of dumping | The Sun

LOVE Island's Aaron Waters sets his sights on a girl in another relationship before deciding who gets dumped from the villa in a shock eviction tonight.

The Aussie hunk isn't on the show make up the numbers and will very much be in the thick of the action in tonight's show.

Tonight viewers will see him catch up with Zara, who is partnered with Tom Clare, in the gym and asks if she’s open to getting to know him.

Zara replies: “I am yeah, I think we get on really well”.

Aaron agrees: “Yeah I think so too” as Zara continues: “I don’t know if I’ve told you, but on the outside you’re more my type, looks wise, that I go for and what I’ve gone for in the past.”

Aaron tells Zara: “I think you’ve surprised me most out of everyone, obviously you’re very attractive.”


Jessie & Aaron face tough decision as two Love Islanders to be dumped TONIGHT

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In the most tense moment of the series so far, Aaron and Jessie need to decide which of their co-stars will pack their bags and fly back to the UK.

After a public vote, six islanders are vulnerable and at risk of leaving the Villa.

Tom, Haris, Kai, Tanyel, Tanya and Anna-May are the unlucky sextet.

Jessie whispers: “Love you guys” before walking across the garden with Aaron to make their decision.

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She says: “I’m so nervous” as Aaron assures her: “So am I, I’ve got no idea, I don’t even know where to start.”

Aaron and Jessie struggle to make their decision, with Jessie saying: “He’s like one of my best friends in here”.

Aaron replies: “I know, I actually like all of the guys, but you can’t think like that.”

Jessie says: “Ok, let’s break this down” as Aaron finally asks her: “What’s your decision?”

One of the two who gets the boot is Haris, 21.

The salesman from Doncaster was told he was leaving the villa last night.

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