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Love Island chaos as ill-timed FART interrupts Jake and Liberty's romantic snog before he gets cold feet

LOVE Island was in chaos last night when a fart interrupted Jake and Liberty's romantic snog – before he got cold feet.

Jake, 24, has been turning up the heat with Liberty, 21, as they talked about sex positions on the bed outside.

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This sensual chat eventually turned into a snog – with Kaz and Chloe squealing in delight in the background.

However, the moment was ruined when Jake let off a huge fart.

Liberty immediately got off his chest and said: "Oh my god, how to kill the mood!"

Everyone around them burst into laughter, with Liberty adding: "Oh my god I'm going to be sick in my mouth. I'm dying!"

Liberty appeared to be head-over-heels with Jake, having suffered through the fart, telling the girls later she has "butterflies" for him.

However, Jake was not so sure, as he opened up to Hugo about how he may not be attracted to her.

He said: "I look at her and I go… I haven't got a girl I want to fully rip her clothes off."

Hugo said in the Beach Hut: "I'm not quite sure what more he's looking for.

"Hopefully the ripping of the clothes will come off at some point."

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Fans were stunned at Jake's turn away from Liberty – especially after she laughed off his fart ruining their romantic moment.

One person said: "not jake about to break liberty’s heart after she ate his fart"

Another added: "She’s smiling about his farts and he’s telling the boys he doesn’t even like her THIS IS NOT FAIR"

A third remarked: "so jake made liberty inhale his fart particles for him to just say he’s not interested???"

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