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Love Island Amy Hart slams game player Jake as she backs Toby and Chloe to win

Love Island star Amy Hart has shared her opinions on this year’s bunch of Islanders in an exclusive chat with Daily Star.

The former contestant voiced her concerns that Jake had a game plan and was not acting genuinely.

While in Casa Amor, Jake was seen encouraging the boys to flirt with the new girls and forget about their partners in the main villa.

She said: “I can’t forget the Casa Amor stuff. The girls are supposed to be his friends too and just like how angry he got when he was in the bottom three. Like you could see the rage bubbling in him.

“I hope not though, but like taking the bracelets in…”

Amy added that she felt that Toby and Chloe would be crowned the winners, despite Toby’s head being turned multiple times.

"I think it will be Chloe and Toby who will win now, personally,” she said.

“I’m not sure it was ever malicious with Toby. I think he was just a kid in a sweet shop and he’s realised now that Chloe the one for him.

“They’ve both been worth their weight in gold, so I think they’re going to get the win.”

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She went on to say that she got emotional watching the fallout from Casa Amor, especially since she has been unable to watch those episodes for her own series.

Millie was thrilled to see Liam comeback to her single in the return episode only to find out he had had his head turned in Casa Amor.

Many fans have pointed out the similarities to Curtis’ return to Amy in 2019, where he then also admitted to having cracked on in the other villa.

“The Casa Amor return episode, I haven’t watched our one and the subsequent episodes. I sort of stopped when I watched it back, when it got to when the text came through from Casa Amor, I was like ‘And, goodbye’,” Amy said.

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She went on to say about watching Millie and Liam: “I didn’t realise it would be quite so emotional. I was quite emotional watching it.

“And then I was like maybe I should watch my one and then I thought no don’t do that. Poor old Millie.”

“I love Millie, I used to love Liam but now I can’t see past it, my memory’s too long.”

As for Faye and Teddy, Amy does not think that Faye’s tirade at Teddy after the ‘Mad Movies’ challenge was an overreaction.

“Until you’ve been in there you don’t understand, things get so blown out of proportion in there – that’s your whole life and it seems like the worst thing to happen,” she said.

“I did something very similar, we all do I think, so I don’t disagree with how she reacted.”

On whether the couple will be able to make it to the final despite all that had happened between them, Amy added: “I do think they’ll make it. I think they’ll definitely place top four.”

Amy Hart was speaking to the Daily Star in conjunction with William Hill .

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