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Love Is Blind season 2 casting: How to apply for Love Is Blind cast

Season one of Love Is Blind proved to be an overwhelming hit when it was released on Netflix back in February. Over three weeks, episodes were dropped weekly on the streaming service with audiences rapidly mounting across the world. Viewers hungrily devoured the show following a group of singles getting engaged after a mere series of blinds dates with a month to get to know their future spouse before walking down the aisle with them and deciding whether to tie the knot.

How to apply for Love Is Blind season 2

The show recently filmed a reunion special which aired on Netflix and saw the couples coming back together to discuss their experiences over the last 18 months since the experiment. spoke exclusively to Chris Coelen, the mind behind Love Is Blind, about how applicants were chosen and how to apply for the next series.

He explained: “We picked participants really based on the feelings that they expressed and our judgement about whether or not they were really interested in exploring a lifelong relationship and/or getting married.

“Obviously, you never know whether people really want it or don’t want it.


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“But at least they were expressing a desire to do that and exhibiting a genuineness.

“I don’t think any one of them really felt in the way that it happened for them, that it was going to happen.

“But they were all at least curious about that idea and that was the number one qualification was that they were genuinely interested in that.”

He said discussions about opening up the application process was taking place this week.

Coelen added: “Hopefully, soon you’re going to be hearing more information about how we invite people from other places to participate.”

Judging from his words, the programme-makers will be on the hunt for those looking for love rather than wanting a quick route to fame.

While there’s no specific way at the moment to apply for the next season of Love Is Blind, it looks like it won’t be long before an announcement is made.

Also, Netflix is talking about how the show will be rolled out across the world with discussions about versions for individual countries as well as a second series of the original show.

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So, the UK may be getting its own version of Love Is Blind with Coelen positive a British edition could work.

The first season of Love Is Blind saw singletons in their 20s and 30s taking part in the show from various backgrounds and ethnicities.

All of them were living in Atlanta, Georgia, which meant it was easier for them to take part in the experiment as it played out over the course of six weeks.

While the show sees couples getting engaged, Coelen said there “no requirement” for contestants to propose and it was up to the singles whether they wanted to take the next step.


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He said in the pod stage, there was no prompting on the part of the producers and the conversations played out organically.

Again, Love Is Blind appears to be a marked difference to other reality shows which may be more constructed to some degree for entertainment value.

He also suggested the show wouldn’t be undergoing any format changes or shakes up in the way it was done, saying it was more about participants and their interactions.

Coelen said he had been surprised some of the twists and turns the series had taken, including the finale.

Despite knowing the outcome, he’d still been shocked after Kelly Chase told Kenny Barnes “I don’t” at the altar with their dreams of matrimonial bliss shattered.

Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix now 

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