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Louisa Lytton drops huge hint to Ruby's shock new lover in EastEnders

EastEnders has lined up a surprising new interest for Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) in the coming months – and the star has narrowed down the playing field for us all by dropping the first initial of his forename. And it’s an M…which doesn’t leave many contenders.

Mick Carter? Max Branning? Mitch Baker? Whoever it is, it’s bound to cause a stir – and it also means that it could be curtains for Ruby and Jay as Louisa confirmed that there would be further tension ahead as Jay’s heart is pulled between Ruby and his ex Lola Pearce.

While Louisa loves working with Jamie, it’s clear that her storyline is about to take an unexpected turn – however, we won’t spoil the outcome for who Ruby will be paying an interest in post Jay.

Louisa also spoke of her pride at being involved in the consent storyline and groundbreaking episode which saw the residents in the Queen Vic discuss the issue.

Ruby eventually got justice when Ross and Matt were jailed.

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