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Lottie Lion: Who is Lottie from The Apprentice? Age, job and Instagram revealed

It’s fair to say Lottie Lion ruffled a few feathers during the very first episode of The Apprentice this year. So far, BBC viewers have seen her show off her wine expertise in South Africa and there’s plenty more to come as the show approaches its second episode tonight (October 9). exclusively heard from Lord Alan Sugar ahead of the new series to get the lowdown of all of this year’s contestants, including Lottie.

Who is Lottie Lion from The Apprentice?

Before entering the boardroom, Lottie, 19, worked as a Librarian.

The candidate also made clear in the series opener her previous job experience included working in “the UK’s best wine bar.”

She regularly updates her fans on her public Instagram page under the username @lottie.lion.

Lottie has already hit headlines away from the BBC series after reportedly boasting ‘her dad knows Lord Alan Sugar’.

However, a spokesperson for Lord Sugar told The Sun: “He doesn’t know him. He has never heard of him. There’s no connection between them.

Her presence among the candidates hasn’t reportedly sat well either.

An insider told the same publication Lottie “would brag about the country club she belonged to,

“She was always saying how you had to have loads of money to even be considered as a member.”

How long Lottie will stay in the contest remains to be seen.

However, Sugar and his aides Claude Littner and Karren Brady exclusively hinted at the show’s launch that this year’s line-up would certainly gain a mixed reception, Lottie included.

Speaking to and other media, Lord Sugar said: “They are a different group of people each year and that’s what makes the programme, different characters.

“It’s a fantastic part of the programme and every year we’ve got new people coming along and new characters from all different walks of life.”

Littner wasn’t quite as favourable as he jokingly said: “I’m completely dispassionate,

“I watch the candidates day in and day out and I don’t really care.”

The Apprentice advisor added: “This year, I found them incredibly irritating and as you go through, you’ll be irritated as well, I guarantee it.”

Judging by the fact he spent the first episode following the girls around South Africa, perhaps he included Lottie in his thinking.

Speaking about this year’s line-up, Brady had a few kinder words.

She said: “What’s great from a viewer’s point of view is there are such varied people with such varied backgrounds.

“We’ve got a pillow salesman, a librarian, a baker, a sports agent – there’s no mould in a business person now, it’s anybody with any kind of background with any experience.

“Trust me, when they come into that first boardroom there’s only one thing they have in common and that’s they want to win.

Whether Lottie will be the one to secure the contract with Lord Sugar will be revealed as the series goes on.

The Apprentice 2019 continues every Wednesday on BBC One.

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