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Lorraine show reported to Ofcom over ‘misleading’ Himalayas photos

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TV show Lorraine has received 53 Ofcom complaints after viewer spotted a major flaw in one of the climate change photos on show.

Fans are unhappy after the shots of Himalayan pollution levels were shown on the ITV programme last week.

On April 22, the host spoke to Mike Gunton, the producer of the documentary The Year Earth Changed.

Narrated by David Attenborough and filmed entirely during lockdown, the documentary seemed like a work of art and Lorraine praised Mike on his efforts.

Following this apparent transformation of scenery from murky to clear, a few people took to social media to try and debunk the photo – saying there was something amiss with the image.

It has been confirmed that 53 complaints have been registered to the regulator.

A spokesperson for ITV's Lorraine said: "The images that were used are taken directly from the David Attenborough documentary 'The Year the Earth Changed'.

"The before and after was screen grabbed to show the difference, as it is shown via animation in the documentary."

Last week, the star told the producer: "One of the most remarkable sequences was seeing the Himalayas before and after. Before people in Pakistan couldn't see them – you can see the split-screen there.

"Before it was like smog and then look at that – crystal clear views, remarkable isn't it."

But the viewers took issue with an apparent transformation of scenery.

One tweet read: "How the earth changed in lockdown #lorraine this photo has the same exact washing on the line a year apart? Photoshopped I think?"

Another hit out, saying: "This is quite a extraordinary. Lorraine Kelly caught peddling certified climate lies. Hard to believe what I’m seeing here."

Another added: "I think we are owed an explanation by @reallorraine and her employers at ITV as to why they think it's acceptable to lie to the general public."

Videos of the clip hit social media – and many were so unhappy that the filed complaints to Ofcom over the 'misleading' global warming shots.

One twitter user said: "So they have returned to the Himalayas wearing the same clothes?

"They think we are stupid, these people!"

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