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Loose Women panel gets tense as Janet Street-Porter fumes at Brenda Edwards

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Loose Women fans were left feeling awkward after a tense debate was carried out between Janet Street-Porter and Brenda Edwards.

The two Loose Women regulars were joined by host Kaye Adams and fellow panellist Coleen Nolan.

The stars were on the topic of men interrupting women and "mansplaining" after Rishi Sunak interrupted Liz Truss 20 times within 12 minutes during a recent debate.

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They were discussing the conversation when Janet and Brenda took a swipe at each other.

Janet said: "…if you're asking me to condemn him because he interrupted her, I can't, and I actually…"

Brenda then began her sentence, but before she could finish Janet stated in a shrill tone: "Oh, Brenda! Hang on, Brenda's just interrupted me!"

Brenda explained that she had "interrupted because she disagreed" with Street-Porter's point, however fans on Twitter were quick to comment.

One viewer said: "Ironic that Brenda Edwards thinks interrupting is rude when discussing the debate last night but did the exact same thing to [Janet]…"

An avid fan also tweeted that they were "living" for Brenda's facial expressions throughout the debate.

Brenda was clearly annoyed as her face made clear, but she stood her ground and explained that the "only time" she interrupts someone is "if she disagrees" with their point.

She continued on to say that a debate can be had if everyone involved "allows people to have their say," which she labelled as common "manners".

As the conversation continued, Coleen added her thoughts and said there is "nothing worse" than "waiting to explain your point and two people are going at it," because it's more "like arguing" than a debate.

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