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Little People's Isabel Roloff claps back at troll who claims she talks too much about 'loving her body’

LITTLE PEOPLE, Big World star Isabel Roloff slammed a troll who accused her of talking too much about her body and needing “more topics.”

The 24-year-old reality star recently opened up to fans about her past eating disorder struggles and learning to love herself.

Isabel, who’s married to LPBW’s Jacob Roloff, asked her followers on Instagram to tell her how they were feeling.

One rude user responded: “Like you need more topics…we know you love yourself and your body…”

As body positivity and inspirational content are the topics Isabel Rock prefers to keep on her page, she re-shared the message to her Story and clapped back at the troll.

She responded: “Incredibly disheartening to receive a message like this from a fellow woman. 

“I spent the majority of my 24 years of life just absolutely hating my body, so if I want to celebrate it, you bet your a** I am going to.” 

Isabel ended her shut-down of the hater by letting them know: “And by the way, I am just getting started.”

Now wanting the negativity to be the last thing she posted to her followers, she quickly shared a bunch of other notes she received after posing her original question to fans.

“I would love to acknowledge all of the POSITIVE responses I got yesterday,” she wrote, along with snapshots of some of the messages.

“Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the negative, but seeing these truly made me feel warm. Thank you for sharing how my content makes you FEEL. I love you.”

Many people told her how good they’ve been feeling lately, mirroring her own uplifted posts and captions.

One follower wrote: “Soooo happy! Keep doing you!”

Another said: “Optiistic, inspired, and motivated”

A third shared: “Inspired. To love myself, to spread positivity, and to be more aware.”

Isabel has been very vocal about her newfound love for her body and her desire to say nice things to herself, telling her fans they should, as well.

In November, the reality star admitted to her followers that she "starved herself" as a teen and was "wasting away" in an eating disorder battle.

She shared her story via an Instagram post that featured a current photo of her smiling in a red dress contrasted with a second photo, a shockingly skinny mirror selfie at age 14.

Isabel told her fans in the caption: "You don't need to be the same weight you were when you were fourteen.

"For a long time, I have had to remind myself that I was still growing at that age, that I was still developing, and I was also starving myself.

"It's nothing to strive for now that I am older, happier and healthier. This is recovery from an eating disorder."

In a new video posted to her page last week, she said she had to keep reminding herself of what are lies and what are truths.

She said the “lies” are that she’s “unworthy, unlovable, [and] broken.”

The LPBW star continued: “The truth: I am abundant, I am worthy, I am healing.”

As the video progressed and moved from the lies to the truths, Isabel’s frown turned to a smile, with her bringing one hand to rest on her chest as she took in a deep, calming breath.

Wanting to inspire her followers, as well, she wrote in the caption: “Stop believing the lies. Repeat after me: I am abundant. I am worthy. I am healing," followed by a heart emoji.

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