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Line of Duty fans convinced they’ve solved H mystery after surveillance mishap

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Line of Duty viewers are certain they've worked out who H is after one character made a suspicious decision during Sunday's episode.

DC Superintendent Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) made her return to the AC-12 office to assume control over all proceedings.

Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dubar) wasn't thrilled to see Carmichael as last series she tried to prove that he was H.

As she arrived she said: "I take it you’ve been informed about the restructuring of Anti-Corruption?"

Hastings replied: "Yes, but my offers haven’t so I would thank you for your discretion, ma’am.

"This is a kick in the teeth. My team are the best in the business."

However, later fans were left convinced Carmichael is in fact H as she made a controversial choice regarding surveillance.

Hastings had mentioned operations in place to gather evidence.

Carmichael responded: "Since you’ve raised surveillance, you've requested an upgrade to intrusive surveillance on MIT’s SIO."

"Yes, because we have learnt she has long-standing links to OCG," Hastings said.

The DCS then explained the surveillance was also placed on a Probationary Constable Ryan Pilkington, while Terry Boyle was being watched for "his own protection".

Fans were left suspicious as Carmichael said: "What needs protecting is the AC budget which you're going through like there's no tomorrow.

"It takes 24 officers to maintain surveillance on a single target – there will be no money left by the time I assume command and for that reason, I shouldn't start cold next month."

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Patricia then ordered for "all AC-12 surveillance operations to be suspended immediately”.

Later, fans saw Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) left in serious danger as she was cornered by corrupt officers Jo Davidson, Ryan Pilkington.

Ryan and Kate pointed their guns at each other before two gunshots were heard and then the episode ended.

Viewers were suspicious that Patricia had called off surveillance just before the scary incident occurred.

One tweeted: "Carmichael casually calling off that surveillance…how convenient. Could she be H?

While another wrote: "Surely Carmichael is also corrupt? Pulling surveillance".

"ALSO the fact that Carmichael had surveillance dropped from Jo right as she and Ryan were meeting up with Kate is VERY suspicious and how did they never see Ryan turning up at Jo’s with a gun aimed at her head just outside the flat??", questioned a third.

A fourth added: "So the order to Jo Davidson is to kill Kate. Carmichael turns up pulling the surveillance on Kate, leaving Ryan and Jo free to bump her off. Carmichael is H and Osbourne is a smokescreen to the whole thing!"

Line of Duty continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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