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Landscapers cast: Who is in the true-crime drama series?

Landscapers: Olivia Colman stars in HBO trailer

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Landscapers is based on a true story – the lives of Susan and Christopher Edwards. They infamously shot dead William and Patricia Wycherley at their home in Nottinghamshire in 1998. However, their murders were kept a secret for 15 years, until they eventually gave themselves up to the police. has all the cast details of the HBO and Sky series.

Who is in the cast of Landscapers?

Susan Edwards – Olivia Colman

The lives of Susan and Christopher Edwards will be told over four parts in the miniseries, with the entire saga being told in a single, self-contained season.

Leading the drama is Oscar-winning Olivia Colman as Susan, the daughter of William and Patricia Wycherley.

Colman is best known for her award-winning performance in The Favourite, along with her cult-classic role of Sophie in Peep Show. 

More recently, Colman played Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown.

In the real events that inspired Landscapers, after killing the elderly couple and burying them in a shallow grave in their garden, Susan and Christopher then proceeded to steal more than £245,000 from the parents. 

They spent most of the money, splurging on Hollywood memorabilia such as an autographed card from Frank Sinatra.

The pair evaded detection for so many years due to fooling the authorities into thinking their parents were still alive.

They did they by forging letters, persuading the Department of Work and Pensions that Susan’s parents were still paying their taxes. 

It is estimated the couple collected more than £300,000 in benefits over the course of their 15 years hiding in plain sight.

Ultimately, it was a letter from the DWP that brought about the beginning of the end for the couple, scaring them into moving to France in 2012.

Christopher Edwards – David Thewlis

Susan’s husband and William and Patricia Wycherley’s son-in-law Christopher is played by David Thewlis.

Thewlis is best known for playing Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise and could recently be seen in The Feed, Barkskins, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

In reality, when the DWP sent the Edwards a letter, it asked to meet William in person as on their files it should have been his 100th birthday.

This pushed the couple into France, yet the trip didn’t last long.

They only had one euro between them, so they emailed the British police their confession to the murders.

Ultimately, the couple was arrested and tried in 2014, being convicted that same year for the murders.

Speaking to Sky, Thewlis said: “This is, without doubt, the very finest project I have worked on for many years.

“Everything about Landscapers is magical, there is nothing like it and I’m impatient to get to work so that its brilliance can be shared with the rest of the world.”

Who else is in the cast?

The remaining supporting cast’s specific roles have not been revealed, though the full list is as follows:

  • Kate O’Flynn
  • Dipo Ola
  • Samuel Anderson
  • Karl Johnson
  • Felicity Montagu
  • Daniel Rigby

Landscapers premieres on December 6 on HBO in the USA. Season one will premiere on December 7 on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

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