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Kim Kardashian Consults a Medium For Help With Her 'Really Bad' Psoriasis

“I’m all about mediums. I’m so obsessed. Anyone that knows me knows I love connecting to the spirit world,” the reality star says in the clip.

It looks like Kim Kardashian is open to any type of treatment when it comes to her psoriasis.

In a preview clip for Sunday’s "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the reality star visits a medical medium to help with her chronic skin condition, which she claims has gotten "really, really bad."

While talking with sister Kourtney in her kitchen, Kim explains how many people have been recommending she visit a popular medical medium, Anthony William. The KKW Beauty founder expresses her interest in meeting him as she enjoys communicating with spirits.

"The medical medium can talk to spirits, but he’s not a real doctor," Kim tells the confessional. "I’m all about mediums. I’m so obsessed. Anyone that knows me knows I love connecting to the spirit world.

"If he can tell me anything about my psoriasis and how to fix it," she adds. "I’m down to see what happens."

Immediately upon meeting the medical medium, Kim tells William she decided to check him out after hearing his name "more than once" by friends and family.

"I’ve had really, really bad psoriasis flare-ups lately," the E! star says before questioning William’s credentials. "Are you a real medium?"

"Yeah. I’m the medical medium," he confidently replies. "I’ve been doing this forever since I was a kid."

After Kim shows William and the camera her flare-ups over her body, the medium does his thing and gives Kim a quick body scan by gesturing to the air around different parts of her figure.

"I’m talking to spirits," he tells Kim. "Just going through every organ, looking for the problem."

Only a second later, William informs Kim her problem is "definitely the liver." "You have really high deposits of copper," he says. "I know it probably sounds so far fetched, right?"

"No, I believe in it," Kim replies.

The medium concludes a "dermatoxin" is being released in Kim’s liver, damaging her skin. His remedy? Celery juice to neutralize the copper.

Ultimately, Kim decides she’s "skeptical," but is willing to give it a try.

Watch the full clip below.

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