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Kerry Katona has joined Justin Bieber’s Hillsong church in the wake of ex George Kay’s death – The Sun

KERRY Katona has started attending the controversial Hillsong church made famous by Justin Bieber.

Writing in her New magazine column, the singer said she is taking her children to evangelical Christian services there in the wake of her ex George Kay's death.

Referring to her 17-year-old daughter with Brian McFadden, she explained: "Molly went back to Dublin last week, which was really difficult for me.

"She hasn't left my side since George's death – she's been such an emotional support and I'm missing her desperately.

"Me and the kids went to a Hillsong church in Tonbridge and it was amazing.

"I've always been a spiritual person and my neighbours have been begging me to go for years , so I finally did."

The 38-year-old star added: "It was like a full-blown concert and I came out feeling much better. We're definitely going to go back on Sunday.

"I heard that Justin Bieber is a fan of Hillsong and I can see why. I think people need to try it."

Hillsong has churches in 15 countries — including six in the UK — and a global weekly attendance of 100,000.

Justin, 25, is the operation's most famous fan, with many crediting the church with transforming him from pop's bad boy to a clean-living husband to wife Hailey.

However, a former member has told The Sun that they believe it is nothing more than a “cult”.

The church was founded in a warehouse in Sydney, Australia, in 1983 by ex-window cleaner Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie.

The organisation’s charismatic preachers are famous for delivering electrifying sermons to a young crowd.

Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez have all attended Hillsong services.

The church, which had an annual turnover of nearly £61 million in 2015, owns record labels, a film and TV platform, worldwide conferences, a college and property in some of the world’s richest cities.

Mum-of-five Kerry's ex George died aged 39 last month from a suspected drug overdose.

He was found collapsed at home and taken to hospital but doctors were unable to save him.

She and George married in September 2014, five months after she had their daughter Dylan-Jorge, now five.

In October 2015 the ex-Atomic Kitten singer announced they had split, alleging former rugby player George had assaulted her.

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