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Katie Price says her children are scared of son Harvey, 19, and wants to get him a special padded house

KATIE Price has said she wants to get her eldest son Harvey a padded house after he smashed holes in his current one.

The 42-year-old reality star explained the 19-year-old can't live in the big house with the rest of the family because he "scares" the other kids.

Today Katie posted a video on YouTube showing how he has smashed up the walls in his house after getting frustrated.

She said she wanted to find a spot for him to live permanently, saying: "It's no good for the kids in the house because they're scared of him – you can see why."

"Harvey is very big, very strong – he's fine with me but this is why he needs to be for his safety in surroundings where he's been all the time.

"We need to find a placement for him where he's there all the time for his own safety."

She added: "People have asked me Kate, how have you done it for all these years without help?

"He's my child, I love him, I am his mum. I need to look after him, but it's an expense all the time. I need to find a solution.

"I need to find someone who can do an outdoor summer house kind of thing and I'll have to pad all the walls in it.

"I'll have the bathroom like one big water room so I can just spray it and wash it down. I'm going to have to pad the walls."

Earlier in the video she revealed how Harvey grew frustrated when he had to leave her and damaged his home.

She explained: "All the walls were painted but now we're going to have to plaster the whole house.

"People don't understand how hard work it is with Harv when he gets frustrated."

She turned to him asking: "Where's this cupboard door from? I'm not telling Harv off, I just want to explain what's happened and why. You pulled it off didn't you?"

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