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Katie Price relives moment she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in South Africa and reveals Princess’ trauma therapy

KATIE Price has relived the terrifying moment she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint during a horrific carjacking back in 2018.

The 42-year-old was filming her reality show in South Africa alongside children Junior and Princess when the life-changing incident occurred, leaving them all needing therapy for trauma.

The reality star has now opened up about the life and death situation once again, recalling how she thought they were all going to die as she was molested in front of the kids.

Speaking on Changes with Annie Macmanus, she remembered: “We were out in South Africa with the kids Junior and Princess with ITV. We had no security.

“Junior wanted a wee. We got out the car. And all I remember doing is saying… mum imagine if I jump down here.”

She continued:  “Next thing you know a car pulled up, six guys in it, out with their guns.

“They did things to me in front of my kids in the car. They had a gun to my head

“We thought we were going to die.”

Things got even scarier as the friend they were with got knocked out, with Katie saying there was “blood everywhere”.

The mum-of-five previously told The Sun that her stay at The Priory rehab clinic was to treat her post traumatic stress disorder following the attack. 

The attack has also had a lasting impact on Princess, who is now 13.

Katie explained: “Princess had therapy after that. She still doesn’t like nighttime … there is a lot that has gone on with that.”

She added: “I can’t even tell you how traumatic it was.

“We all thought we were going to die.”

Katie described how she protected the children, saying: "I was holding the pillow up waiting to be shot to protect my children.”

She admitted she still can’t understand how they managed to survive it.

“It made the news out there because no one didn’t understand why they didn’t kill us there,” she said.

“The police said it was because they took the keys to the vehicles they were going to dump everything there and then come back.

“But luckily a passer by managed to get down.

 “People just drive past they are used to it out there. The police came and said: ‘it is so unusual that they didn’t kill you.”

 She added: “A lot of the crew went home because they couldn’t deal with it. I carried on because I am professional.

“That hijack was the nail on the head.”

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