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Katie Price goes on 750 calorie a day extreme juice diet to lose a stone in seven days after liposuction

KATIE Price is going on a 750 calorie a day juice diet in an effort to lose MORE weight.

Friends tell The Sun Online that she wants to slim down and lose another stone – and to do it, she’s going on a week-long juice cleanse.

“Katie isn’t slimming down as quickly as she thought she would do after her liposuction and thinks she’s still too big,” says the insider.

“She wants to ditch junk food and make her diet really healthy, so she’s going back on Jason Vale’s juice and all-liquid diet.

“She’s done it before, so she knows it works. No carbs, all soups and juices, and only 750 calories a day.

“Katie’s only doing it for a week this time – before she did it for ten days, but she thinks she can lose it in seven days.

“But Kris [Boyson, her boyfriend] is sceptical of what he calls a short-term diet. He’s telling her she’d be better off getting in the gym and stopping drinking alcohol.”

Katie's publicist had no comment on the story when approached by The Sun Online

Katie and Kris have just flown back into the UK from Turkey – where they went to get their teeth fixed with a celeb dentist.

Before that, Katie had liposuction, a Brazilian bum lift and a facelift in a bid to get her “perfect body”.

She showed off her new body – and surgery scars – in a bikini last week.

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