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Kate Garraway's husband Derek returning home to his family will be 'magic' he needs to help recovery, says Ranvir Singh

KATE Garraway's husband Derek returning home will be the "magic" he needs to help his recovery, says Ranvir Singh.

The 53-year-old has left hospital after a year in intensive care fighting Covid.

Kate's Good Morning Britain co-star Ranvir celebrated the "wonderful" news Derek's back home with his family after coronavirus stopped his family from visiting him in hospital.

She said on today's show: "Anybody who has someone in a vulnerable state and has not been able to see them to give them your personal love, your personal attention, for them to hear your voice, haven't been able to touch them, will know.

"For somebody in recovery, not just survival mode, everyone in the medical world around them have said that Derek not having contact with Kate was having an effect on him.

"Medicine is one thing, but the psychology, the mind…there is a magic in the family that you can't replicate in a medical setting, no matter how much you can try.

"It's about that contact, hearing your children. That can have an enormous affect on somebody's recovery."

She added: "It is wonderful, what a wonderful moment."

Ranvir's co-host Ben thanked viewers for the messages of support as he told how Kate would be on the show today.

"We are all smiling this morning," he said.

"Living at home with Kate means an awful lot to us and it's lovely when we see the messages about how excited and pleased you are.

"It is the first step on a very long journey trying to work out how it will unfold and what he needs."

Derek has been taken off all machines but will continue to receive round-the-clock care at the family’s adapted property in North London.

Ranvir added: "He didn't walk home and start making dinner, that's what we mean.

"He luckily started saying a few words at the end of last year and now he's responding regularly. "

Ben added: "We've prepared kate, but I don't think we have been prepared to go through this for the past year. To have them reunited has been a real moment.

"I don't think she's slept at all. There's been a lot of adapting to do to the house and how the family will live."

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